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2004.01.28, 10:26 PM
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am looking for new wheels for my NSX. I have seen quite a few that come standard front and wide rear, but the offset is confusing me a little. Will Enzo rims fit ok on the NSX, or do I need something else?
I tired the rims from an Autoscale CLK, but they seem to make the track too wide, especially up front. Any suggestions?

2004.01.29, 02:52 AM
you will be able to use an older mr01 autoscale body on an mr02 rm if....

the autoscale body you intend to use utilizes offset standard rims in the front and wide rims in the rear.... how ever you will have to use the mr02 rm rims... with the mr02 chassis...

below is a thread... "Wheel width if I want to use MR-01 bodies?"


here's what some guy did...


2004.01.29, 10:00 AM
Thanks for the reply. Those links helped clear things up a bit. I am assuming that the NSX mr-02's use standard offset rims in the front, thats why the CLK rims stick out.:)

2004.01.30, 03:41 AM

the mr02 chassis comes in two variants... the mm (mid mount) and rm (rear mount)

the mr02 rm uses the nsx 2003 bodies (3 kinds - g'zox; mobil-1; takata... with each using a different style rim)... and hopefully the soon to be released skyline bodies (calsonic... and another one i forgot the variant, but a skyline jgtc none the less)

the mr02 rm... uses standard (8.5mm) non offset front rims and wide (11mm) non offset rear rims....

the mr02mm uses the enzo and diablo bodies...and uses rims with offset...

here's the trick...

you will able to use the older autoscales bodies (i.e. clk, nsx, c5r, supra, modena, etc) on the mr02 rm chassis, provided you use the mr02 rm rims... (standard (8.5mm) non offset front rims and wide (11mm) non offset rear rims)

using an old clk mr01 rim, and any rims with an offset, for that matter will cause the rim to stick out on an mr01 autoscale body...

hope this gives more light on the matter... :D

2004.01.30, 12:26 PM
the NSX's use different looking rims, but not different offsets or anything.
I just got the Square inch up rims for the NSX's and CLK's. they look awesome and fit perfect. check out my avatar. i got the Square disk brakes chillin' behind them too, but i haven't taken a pic of them yet.

McLaren F1 T3
2004.01.30, 03:15 PM
if you noticed g'zox, i believe that your wheels are akward because the fronts are offset'd and are actually wider on the car than the rears. look at the width between the rear from wheelwall to wheelwall then the front.



2004.01.30, 05:41 PM
these wheels do not have an offset. 8.5 non-off in the front and 11 non-off in the rear. inch up too. they're bad azz.

2004.01.30, 07:09 PM
Are they the ones sold here? I'd like to get the BBS style ones, but in silver, for my Mobil 1 NSX.

I'd also like to find some suitable thin five spoke wheels that I can use for my ZR-1 conversion. They need to be zero offset as well.

2004.01.30, 09:05 PM

I am running a CLK body on the MR-02 right now using the stock (NSX) rims and yes they do fit quite nice. I was just hoping for some other rims that would fit the same. Basically, it comes down to finding zero offset rims in the narrow front/wide rear combination. I just am having a hard time finding out which rims will satisfy those requirements. I am assuming any of the rims from/for the older mr-01 chassis that were narrow/wide have the offset. May be I'll be stuck buying a couple of sets of rims to get the set I'm looking for like arch2b had to for his Supra project. Oh well, the price we pay for having fun!:D

McLaren F1 T3
2004.01.30, 09:21 PM
hey g'zox... can i get a pic of your car? and what is the item number for this set of rims?!

2004.02.01, 08:12 AM

if the newer mr02 rm rims aren't available (as i know they are in japan - sorry don't know their part nos.).... the closest option that i can give you is the lancia rims... std. non offset front rims, wide rear rims... (looks kinda funky though)

next would be the porshe gt series type of rims (the ones on the porsche taisan) ... good luck...

McLaren F1 T3
2004.02.01, 11:17 AM
you could always use enzo offset rims like me... just the rears stick out a bit.. i think that one of the people in the belgium mini-z cup have it. check there album, and that g'zox i believe has enzo offsets all around like me...



2004.02.01, 10:24 PM
I have never liked to see the wheels sticking out from the body. It isn't so much an esthetics thing as it is a durability thing. I used to race 1/10 touring cars and quickly found that even the slightest protrusion of the wheels outside the body cost me plenty in both lost races and money.:mad: I have some Square inch up rims coming. I hope they work, if not, I'll get a different set in the same pattern and mix and match until I get it right. All it takes is lots-o-money.

Hmm... maybe I need to make some fender flares? to go on a Vitz body perhaps?

BTW Herman -- the Lancia rims do look kind of funky:D

2004.02.02, 12:28 PM
you know what.. my wheels do have an offset in the front, the fronts stick out more than the rear one's which have zero offset.

i'm gonna list these nice Square Gunmetal Inch-up's on eBay, so check them out if you wanna place a bid.

McLaren F1 T3
2004.02.02, 05:49 PM

mini z store just started stating that the square rims do not fit the mr-02... i g uess they got too many e-mails asking about that...

cheers man,


2004.02.02, 07:05 PM
so let me get this straight-


alloys that are 8.5mm wide in the front and 11mm wide in the rear with zero offset?

2004.02.02, 07:06 PM
McLaren F1 T3-
you in cali? where do you race? theres no where in SD that fer sure.

McLaren F1 T3
2004.02.02, 08:24 PM
...norcal represent...

hehe, i'm up in the bay area...
official, i think bithed knows there are only plastic rims from kyosho that are a direct fit. gpm makes them in sets so you can get the same design with one set of front wheels (zero offset narrow) and rears (zero offset wide) the same color blah blah blah. i use enzo rims... works good for me, no drag whatsoever, and quick off the line response. yep.. they do fit the NSX, and i even have it with the front lowered with the GPM hard spring's and loweirng spacers up front from mini z store. pretty awsome... no rubbing whatsoever on my mobil 1 nsx. i believe there a like 4 setups in my album mr-02 nsx in my gallery (in my signiture) might wanna check there for the kind of rims i got. e-mail the shop... they might be able to hook you up...
mini z store has a great selection of enzo offset rims, and if your lucky, you'll sometimes find some rims that are a direct fit (what i stated above..)



2004.02.03, 11:57 AM
there are alloy rims avail for the mr02 rm... gpm makes some... the best i've seen actually doesn't come as a set... you'll have to get 2 sets...
see arch2b's au cerumo (in his album)... they're square's (bbs inch ups)...

pricey... but heck you get what you pay for...:D

2004.02.03, 02:28 PM
this is what i did-
I have been in contact with the dude that runs m1n1zwor1d.c om and he measured his GPM rims for me. I ordered a set of black alloy "wide" GPM's in the BBS sport mesh pattern.
the measurements for this set is 8.5mm wide with 3mm offset in front, 11mm wide with 3mm offset in rear. I think i can deal with the wheels getting pushed out 3mm on each side, and the set was only $9.99.
I really like the Square Inch-ups, I think they do a beautiful job on those wheels, but nothing will fit my car.
Whats the measurements on the Enzo wheels? width and offset on stock wheels?

McLaren F1 T3
2004.02.03, 07:32 PM
i don't know the exact measurements of the enzo rims, but they have the greatest offset in the rear for sure. the fronts are barely offset'd and eyeing it, the front offset is about 3mm narrow. the width and offset of the stock rims on nsx is front no offset 8.5mm narrow's, and rears are 11mm rears with no offset (correct me if im wrong). Good luck man., and if you want to use your squares, jsut do what arch2b did. expensive, but real nice...



2004.02.03, 08:45 PM
what did arch2b do? i don't really understand what he did.

2004.02.03, 09:00 PM
in order to get a full set of teh square bbs wheels i had to buy 2 sets. one set has non offset front's and the other set has offset wide rear's. i think i have the actual part numbers in my supra album ...maybe. square does make the highest detail alloy wheels on the market. they look great on almost every car and i have every set except the 6 spokes.

you'll notice the spokes on the front are rather flat and the rear ones bend in toward the hub...


you can see it more clearly in a chassis picture

2004.02.04, 12:21 PM
i did own the Gunmetal BBS CLK/NSX Inch-ups and they looked really great on my car. I bought them through m1n1zstore.co m but they did not fit right. The fronts had an offset of 3mm and the rear ones had zero offset so i returned them.
Where do you buy all your Square rims? I want a set of gunmetal BBS Inch-ups, 8.5mm in the front and 11mm in the rear with zero offsets. How can I achieve this? what sets do i need to buy and where do i get them?

2004.02.04, 12:47 PM
I wish I had wheels like that on my Supra, all I have now on it is an old set of Megatech tire/wheel set I bought a few years ago for 25$ . they clear (the rear clears a bunch) but still look very off. I still like the wheels on arch2b's Supra. I am still hoping to see the MZR wheels soon.

2004.02.04, 12:56 PM
from my supra album:
they are the narrow bbs set and the nsx offset bbs set. both are inch up
i'll keep looking for the exact part numbers but those were the descriptions of the sets

2004.02.04, 01:46 PM
whats your source for wheels? can I paypal you the money? I would really like a set of Squares.

2004.02.04, 03:37 PM
what if i buy two sets of the gunmetal Squares i had before? i could run 11mm no offset wheels front and back. this may be my only option, and it'll cost $60.00..

2004.02.04, 03:44 PM
i believe wide wheels up front will stick out noticebly.

2004.02.04, 03:51 PM
i know exactyl what you did now with those Square rims. unfortunatly the vendor does not sell the combo in need in gunmetal..

2004.02.04, 06:59 PM
you can always have them or mini-z order them for you..you just need to inlcude the part numbers for the sets. i'd like to see the gunmetal bbs setup!

2004.02.04, 07:37 PM
gunmetal is not available in the set i need. but i did order the silver BBS Inch-ups, 8.5mm with .05mm offset in the front and 11mm with zero offset in the rear. i only had to pay for one set too! $28.00... nice.

2004.02.04, 08:28 PM
kyosho came out with aluminium or alloy rims made for the mr02 enzo body they are cup legal too

2004.02.04, 09:41 PM
Unfortunately, the Enzo rims still have some offset, at least from what I have read. The NSX MR-02 do not have any offset, hence all of the trouble finding rims.

I have a set of Square inch-up six spoke for the MR-01 and the fronts do not fit just like G'ZOX's BBS set. The only problem is I cannot find anywhere a complete part listing of available rims from Square, so I don't even know if they make the 6 spoke in a standard set. I have seen the 10 spoke and the BBS but not the 6 spoke. I am more than willing to buy a set of standard wheels, but I would like them to match. I don't want to give up my 6 spoke rears. :( They look too sweet! Can anyone tell me if they even make the 6 spoke in a standard set?

McLaren F1 T3
2004.02.04, 10:18 PM
sorry man, but i would be all over square in getting two sets if they made them in narrows, but they don't... sorry to burst your bubble...



2004.02.05, 10:07 AM
Darn, thats what I feared. I guess I'll have the get some other kind, probably the 10 spoke for the front. They won't match style wise but looking at the car as it sits, it won't be too bad. (I've got the stock 10 spoke on the front now.) Oh well, live and learn i guess.

2004.02.05, 10:13 AM
i would have gotten the 6 spokes as well... square does make the nicest wheels but they are so limited as to uses...i wish they would offer them in more than just one body type size

i may end up getting them at some point for one of my mr-01's anyway.

2004.02.05, 12:11 PM
hey arch...
i just got a set of squares.. part no skm 007gs... is it just me or do they have some offset... (looks like almost 1mm...) need you to confirm if this is the one you got on your au au suhweeet ceruuuuumoooooo)... hehehe sorry couldn't help myself... hmm.. but just checked... and they don't seem like they're inch ups... aurgh... which means that i won't be able to use them with my other set which does happen to be inch up... oh well will check them later...

don't think that square makes a non offset 6 spoke inch up rim... they're really cool though... check out my signature... "click here to see herman's cars" and check out my original teile... there's a picture of the square 6 spoke inch up (page 2) and some other rims...

2004.02.10, 01:57 PM
Good God, I never dreamed something so small could be so much trouble!!!! I don't have 1/4 the trouble with my MTX-3 AND MRX-3 combined!!!

Sorry for the vent...now on to my dilema.

I just bought the 3-racing aluminum mid-mount motor pod, and the G-10 V-plate for my Enzo. If I understand this right, I can now use the MR-01 bodies or the MR-02 rm bodies. Now I find out, the Enzo rims might not work with these bodies????

I knew I should've stuck with nitro;)

2004.02.10, 02:06 PM
wheels for the most part are body specific. it just so happens that alot of the bodies have the same wheel dimensions. ther are also alot that don't. you can not expect to use enzo offset front wheels on an 01 body. nor can you use 01 offset front wheels on the enzo. unfortunately there is no clear table or chart that i'm aware of. i heard ikinari had a nice one...

as far as squares are concerned, the information provided from square sucks. on top of that, every shop has them listed differently. it's not the shops fault, they are just using whats supplied to them.

the best thing to do when trying to figure out wheel combinations is to search and ask. chances are alteast one member has tried what your looking for.

2004.02.11, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by tekrsq
Now I find out, the Enzo rims might not work with these bodies???? If you purchase a new AutoScale body, MR-01 or MR-02, it will come with a set of stock wheels and tires with the proper offset for that particular body. After that the issue is basically wheelbase.;)

2004.02.12, 08:40 AM
Originally posted by Hammer
If you purchase a new AutoScale body, MR-01 or MR-02, it will come with a set of stock wheels and tires with the proper offset for that particular body. After that the issue is basically wheelbase.;)

Thanks!!! That's a little relief.

2004.07.30, 04:13 AM
hi, i need help with my MR-02 350Z. i want alloys as does everyone, but having difficulty in finding non offset front and wide rears. anyone know which ones, model and where from?