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Dark Horse
2004.01.30, 05:14 PM
I've emailed about fifteen times concerning shipping to England costs for RCP tracks and the restocking of GPM alloy servo gears (which I have aleady paid for) but haven't had a single reply. Everything was alright until a few weeks before christmas, then nothing. I appreciate the busy christmas period, but how long does it take to reply to an email? Is anyone out there?

2004.02.16, 04:16 PM
like I said in one of my other posts concerning this subject I got a reply the next day when I sent him a email so i am sure he was just really busy becouse of the holidays or something happened to it.

2004.02.16, 04:27 PM
Thanks SuperPede1 :) - Dark Horse, please re-email us, but, to answer your questions, shipping cost of the RCPs to the UK still looks to be prohibitive until I find something more economical, and GPM reorder is still not here, first it was Xmas, then the Chinese New Year, and now they're off at some hobby show...hopefully they'll be back soon and we'll get our stuff! :)