View Full Version : Michigan nationals(Large Mini Z race in beautiful holland MI)

2004.01.30, 05:44 PM
House of Hobbies in Holland MI is hosting the first annual Michigan Nationals on Feb 28 2004. We will have 2 classes (MR-01/MR-02 stock) and (MR-01/MR-02 open) In the stock class the rules are as follows

chassis:MR-01 Only/MR-02 Only

No Hop Ups, bearings, No Mod motor/No Turbo,(Stock Motor Only!), Non-rechargeable or rechargeable AAA batteries, Any Kyosho Racer Wheels, Rubber Tires Only, Box stock transmitter Only!

The second class rules(OPEN CLASS)

chassis:MR-01 Only/MR-02 Only

Any Up For MR-01/Hop Up For MR-02 pn-racing, powerline, kyosho... Any motor, esc, batteries, aftermarket chassis squat, pro-z...( pretty much the only rules are the car must have started out a Mini-z, and run a Mini-z body!

All cars from each qualifier and main are required to pass technical inspection after the race
The official has full power of all decisions and all decisions are final

One hour open practice (STARTS @ 10:00 AM feb 28)
three qualifiers - seven minutes each
Seven minutes mains A,B,C depends on # of racers
Six cars in each qualifier and main
First and second placed cars from each main bump up to next main

Please have entry fee of $10.00 sent to host track 48 hours prior to race weekend.

To register for the first annual Michigan Nationls please send/drop off a payment of $10.00 to

House of Hobbies
2763 North 120th Ave.
Holland, MI

House of hobbies is located (ONE BLOCK EAST OF U.S. AT FELCH) If more information is needed please contact Brad Anderson @ 616-355-2064 or E-mail SMUDAAAR@HOTMAIL.COM

Racing begins @ noon and will be on a carpet track. lanes will be 3 feet wide and the track size is still being determined Will be pretty large though!

2004.01.30, 07:41 PM
wow. just saw this. very cool idea. especially for you in MI who can't make a k-cup race, this is a good alternative.

Drac, i'll be on the lookout for your stats in this race!

hope you guys have a good turn out. i'll keep the date in mind but it does follow a week after the columbus k-cup:(

2004.01.30, 08:20 PM
Holland is only a little closer than columbus is lol...

2004.01.30, 08:33 PM

2004.02.28, 07:39 PM

so how'd this event go? what are the results standings? report? pics too.

let us know the next scheduled event. I will try to make it up


2004.02.28, 07:49 PM
And maybe if im not sick/broke, ill go next time too lol

2004.02.28, 08:26 PM
yo what's up drac

i could've made this one if there were more time to plan for it. I will definately make a point to make their next one. We'll see

i'm really attracted to their open class having no limits to kyosho products. A true open class for sure.

2004.02.29, 08:11 AM
Oops, looks like I missed it. Any news/results?