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2004.01.31, 04:26 PM
I don't know If this is any news or help to people, but I'll go ahead and toss this out there.

For those of you waiting on a roll shock, like I was, for your MR02 RM, just use a MR01 roll shock set. Fits perfectly! My 02RM is handling even better than it was before!

Close this thread, if it's already been mentioned. Thanks!

2004.01.31, 08:39 PM
yea but now try to put your body on...been there done that

McLaren F1 T3
2004.01.31, 09:03 PM
if you ask me, roll shocks just bind like crazy, and when you hit something real hard or somebody rear ends you, your shocks knock out of place, and then your rear end has slop, and you gotta take your body off during a race... just go get a mini-zracer.com V plate.



2004.01.31, 09:19 PM
i had the binding problem at first too but then realized you can't tighten down the screws all the way. thats when they bind. tighten them down tight and then back it off one turn. i used a drop of CA on the bottom screws because they tend to walk loose. And use slightly longer screws on the top and they work wonderfully.

2004.02.01, 02:44 AM
Originally posted by TroublesomeZ24
yea but now try to put your body on...been there done that

???.....Umm, I've been running a 01 F40 body with it. So far, so good. My 01 and 02 NSX fits also. What body problem did you have?

-McLaren F1 T3
A G10 V plate would be nice to have as an alternative to the roll shock. I will purchase one later. I may even stock up on them. I'll just enjoy the roll shock for now though.

Right now, the only racing I'm doing with the Z is against my brother on our 8ft. x 16ft.(soon to be 10' x 18'), impact foam track, in the garage. And the occasional trip to my LHS, to take a few laps on their track. That's all.

The way my car handles now on my track, feels like I have it dialed in perfectly. I am able to carry alot more speed through the sweepers and don't need to worry about the rear tire catching the body's inner fender anymore. That was real irritating.