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Mr. P
2004.02.03, 12:56 AM
We just had a mini-z race last Saturday in concurent with Micro racing.

We would like to announce that we will have another Mini-z F1 race again on this comming Saturday, February 7. The race will start at 7:30 Pm. The rule is fairly simple any motors are allow as long as the stock speed control is being used. any tires are allowed also. the address of netzone is....

1505 south riverside ave.
rialto, ca. 92376



thank you.

Mr. P
2004.02.08, 08:52 PM
This is a race result that include Mini Z F1 at the end please bare with us since we are running both the Mini Z and Micro.

Race result from Saturday, February 7, 2004
This is the first race for new track layout.

Super Stock B main
Steve Vines TQed with 56/8:02.41
Pos Lap Time Name
1 54 8:02.32 Steve Vines
2 54 8:04.96 Brett Reichert
3 54 8:00.29 Brian Reeter
---- DNS ------ Allan Alvord
---- DNS ------ Bill Alvord
Steve Vines took off and started to put his car into the mid 8 seconds and low 9's. Half way point Steve lost his rhythm, Brett and Brian came by and put him in to last spot. Steve reestablished his lead on 51st lap and stayed there. All of the three guys were running exceptional clean race.

Micro HPI Stock A Main
Riz Jr TQed with 43/8:03.42
Pos Lap Time Name
1 44 8:04.12 Riz Jr.
2 42 8:11.27 JJ
3 35 8:18.66 William Ballesteros
4 34 8:03.24 Gary Reeter
5 31 8:11.28 Richard Hernandez
------ DNS ------ Carlos
Riz Jr and JJ were never threaten while pulling away from the pack. But onece they started to come around to lap the field all the fun started to happen.

Stock HPI Expert A Main
Trucker Dude TQed with 52/8:01.32
Pos Lap Time Name
1 52 8:01.46 Trucker Dude
2 52 8:08.19 Riz
3 50 8:05.16 Tom Acosta
4 46 8:07.21 Chuck Hippenstiel
5 41 8:03.18 Ashton H
------ DNS ------ Allan Alvord
Trucker Dude and Riz had a titanic battle thru out the race until late into the race when Trucker Dude was able to pull away to secure the win. Tom Acosta was running almost comfortably in 3rd.

Super Stock A Main
Rudy Rodriguez TQed with 61/8:04.00 **TRACK RECORD**
Pos Lap Time Name
1 59 8:03.74 Bill Cook
2 59 8:04.14 James Davis
3 57 8:02.57 Roel Espina
4 56 8:03.30 Jose Rovirosa
5 53 8:00.25 David Palacio
6 46 6:23.39 Rudy Rodriguez

Some contact at the beginning of this race one the dust has settled, Mr. TQ Rudy Rodriquez fried his motor. Bill Cook jetted to the front with Roel in hot pursuit. Jose got knocked around and pushed all the way back to last. David Palacio was running in the lead group briefly before being pushed back. James Davis was working his way from all the way back to 2nd spot. Overall the race was pretty tough and fast.

Mini z class
Jose Rovirosa TQed with 29/5:06.30(Ferrari F1)
Pos Lap Time Name
1 30 5:07.65 Allan Alvord(Toyota F1)
2 29 5:09.91 Jose Rovirosa(Ferrari F1)
3 28 5:01.03 James Davis(Toyota Supra)
4 27 5:00.21 Tom Acosta(Mercedes F1)

These guys were running it pretty fast(sometime getting into the 9 seconds laps).

Thank you all who participated in the race.

Mr. P
2004.02.09, 11:56 PM
Mini Z line up

Mr. P
2004.02.09, 11:58 PM
Mini Z winner, Allan Alvord(Toyota F1), Jose Rovirosa(Ferrari F1) and James Davis(Toyota Supra).

Mr. P
2004.02.11, 04:09 PM
Race result from Tuesday night, February 10, 2004

Micro HPI Stock A Main
Allan Alvord TQed with 46/8:01.68
Pos Lap Time Name
1 48 8:05.22 Allan Alvord
2 46 8:07.36 Federico Rodriguez
3 45 8:05.80 Tom Acosta
4 31 8:14.57 William Ballesteros
5 13 5:12.84 Carlos

Tom Acosta, move into 1st spot on the second lap, by 7th lap Allan came around and took over the lead and started to pull away. Federico came up and wrestled 2nd place from Tom. The order pretty much stayed the same.

Super Stock A Main
James Davis TQed with 60/8:06.26
Pos Lap Time Name
1 59 8:06.67 James Davis
2 57 8:07.07 Roel Espina
3 55 8:00.62 Steve Vines
4 48 8:02.77 Bill Alvord
----- DNS ------- Allan Alvord

James davis jetted off the line with Steve Vines in tow for 3 laps before Roel came around and took over 2nd spot. Both James and Roel dipped into 7.6 and 7.7 seconds/lap occasionally.

Mini Z A Main
Allan Alvord TQed with 30/5:07.35
Pos Lap Time Name
1 29 5:00.13 James Davis
2 29 5:00.86 Allan Alvord
3 29 5:07.66 Tom Acosta
4 20 5:11.58 Bill Alvord

Allan Alvord took off with Toyota F1 and held on to the lead. No more than 6 feet behind the leader James Davis(Toyota Supra) is fighting off advances from Tom Acosta(Mercedes F1), Bill is having trouble with his Enzo Ferrari because of his stock tire. Both Tom and James were putting a good fight. Tom bobbled, James broke loose and moved closer to the leader. Both Allan and James dipped into 8.7 seconds lap and occasionally back it up with low 9. On the last lap, 2 corners from finish line Allan bobbled and James came around, took over the lead and held on.
Over all the Mini Z are very closely match.

Mr. P
2004.02.18, 04:21 PM
Race result for Tuesday night, February 17, 2004

Micro Stock A Main
Allan Alvord TQed with 34/501
Pos Lap Time Name
1 51 8:08.70 Tom Acosta
2 47 8:01.13 Federico Rodriguez
3 45 7:13.21 Allan Alvord

Super Stock A Main
James Davis TQed with 38/5:05.49
Pos Lap Time Name
1 60 8:07.07 James Davis
2 57 8:06.16 Steve Vines
3 55 8:03.53 Freddie P
4 54 8:08.76 Derick Butterfield

Mini Z F1
Allan Alvord TQed with 33/5:07.41
Pos Lap Time Name
1 31 5:02.39 Allan Alvord
2 31 5:05.49 James Davis
3 30 5:04.80 Freddie P
4 24 4:07.96 Tom Acosta

Thank you all who participated in the race. We would like to invite mini Z to come out and race for freee until next month.


Mr. P
2004.02.18, 10:32 PM
Mini Z F1 class winner, Allan Alvord, James Davis and Freddie P

Mr. P
2004.02.22, 04:38 PM
Race result from Saturday, February 21, 2004

Super Stock Expert B Main
David Palacio TQed with 37/5:06.30
Pos Lap Time Name
1 58 8:05.06 Brett Reichert
2 57 8:06.45 Steve Vines
3 54 8:03.00 Frank Warnke
4 53 8:02.72 Derrick Butterfield
5 48 8:01.84 David Palacios
It was a wire to wire run for Brett R, while Steve Vines had to work his way from 4th to second place. Frank Warnke, the lone HPI in this group captured 3 rd spot.

Micro Sportman A Main
Allan Alvord TQed with 33/5:02.96
Pos Lap Time Name
1 34 5:07.16 Allan Alvord
2 31 5:03.83 Trucker
3 30 5:00.45 Extremist
4 30 5:08.72 Chucj Hippenstiel
5 24 5:04.89 Richard Truman
---- DNS ------ Nick Evans

Stock HPI Expert A Main
Jim Evans TQed with 34/5:01.31
Pos Lap Time Name
1 52 8:07.52 Allan Alvord
2 50 8:06.63 Trucker
3 50 8:08.58 Tom Acosta
4 47 8:11.41 Ashton Hippenstiel
---- DNS ------- Chuck Hippenstiel

Micro Super Stock Expert A Main
Rudy Rodriguez TQed with 40/5:04.42
Pos Lap Time Name
1 64 8:05.59 Rudy Rodriguez
2 60 8:00.60 Bill Cook
3 60 8:04.74 Freddie P
4 58 8:07.50 Roel Espina
5 43 5:59.67 Jose Rovirosa
6 35 4:39.48 James Davis
From 2nd lap on Rudy Rodriguez and Bill Cook take over the 1st and 2nd spot and were never challenged. James Davis worked his way from last spot, stringing sub 7 seconds lap time together and moved all the way up to 3rd when the car slid out and collide with the wall real hard caused him to pull out of the race. Freddie P pulled into 3 spot. From the get go Rudy had his car in the low to mid 7 seconds laps with amazing precision driving.

And now the newest class, Mini Z F1
All 5 cars qualify with 33 laps within 5 second from 1 st to 5 th.
Jose Rovirosa TQed with 33/5:02.16
Pos Lap Time Name
1 32 5:06.19 James Davis
2 32 5:07.26 Derek Butterfield
3 30 5:01.30 Jose Rovirosa
4 30 5:08.45 Tom Acosta
5 1 0:18.04 Allan Alvord
This class provided one of the closest racing during qualify and main.

We would like to thanks all who participated in the race.
Next race will be on Tuesday night (7:30 PM.), February 24. Mini Z still race free of charge.

Mr. P
2004.02.22, 04:40 PM
Mini Z, F 1 line up.

Mr. P
2004.02.25, 03:11 PM
Race result from Tuesday night, February 24, 2004

Tonight bunch of guys decided to run only HPI car only(Micro calss).
Stock HPI Expert class A Main
Steve Vines TQed with 50/8:00.70
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 53 8:03.01 Steve Vines 8.98
2 49 8:07.30 Sir Crash 8.23
3 47 8:07.42 Tom Acosta 7.89
4 35 7:12.01 Andre Foster 6.63
5 17 2:41.95 Allan Alvord 8.59
Sir Crash held down 1st for 10 laps before Steve Vines disposed of others and took over the lead. Allan A was running strong in 2nd position until he had mechanical problem and dropped out. Tom was running a steady race and ended up 3rd. We have a new driver that just join us, Andre Foster is doing well and hung on to 4th spot.

Mini Z F1 Class
Freddie P TQed with 33/5:05.80
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 34 5:05.90 Freddie P 9.09
2 33 5:02.19 James Davis 8.93
3 31 5:14.22 Allan Alvord 8.07
4 19 3:40.28 Tom Acosta 6.69
James and Freddie qualified with same lap number(33 laps) with less than one second apart. James went by the timing gate first but by second time around Freddie P pulled his Toyota F1 ahead of James' Ferrari. The race was never more than 3 to 4 feet apart until James bobbled while Freddie started to go thru traffic. By the time James got thru the traffic, Freddie had almost a lap on James. We would like to thank you all who participated and race with us.

Next race will be on Saturday night, February 28 at 6:00 PM.
Remember Mini Z still race for free this week end.

Mr. P
2004.03.02, 05:35 PM
Race result for Saturday night, February 28, 2004

Steve Vines TQed with 47/8:07.53
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 49 8:07.68 Steve Vines 8.22
2 46 8:03.13 Justin B 7.79
3 44 8:00.15 Randy H 7.50
4 43 8:01.52 Tom Acosta 7.31
5 8 1:20.33 Chuck H 8.15
6 7 1:11.86 Ashton H 7.97

Rudy Rodriguez TQ with 55/8:02.35
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 56 8:08.64 Rudy Rodriguez 9.38
2 51 8:02.25 Bill Cook 8.65
3 51 8:04.68 Dereck B 8.61
4 50 8:07.10 Steve Vines 8.40
5 48 8:10.01 Brett R 8:01
6 46 8:03.01 Brandon Cook 7.79

Mini Z F1 A Main
Allan Alvord TQed with 29/5:01.20
Pos Lap Time Name
1 41 7:05.07 Allan Alvord
2 41 7:10.38 James Davis
3 39 7:09.48 Dereck Butterfield
4 33 7:06.95 Tom Acosta
5 23 7:15.39 Robert Morris
6 3 0:25.30 Rudy Rodriguez

Allan Alvord TQed with 47/8:03.11
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 48 8:05.45 Allan Alvord 8.09
2 48 8:08.65 Justin B 8.04
3 45 8:04.47 Chuck H 7.60
4 45 8:05.12 Sir Crash 7.59
5 44 8:03.64 Xtremist 7.44

Thank you all who participated in the race.

Mr. P
2004.03.03, 04:35 PM
Race result for Tuesday night, March 2nd, 2004

Steve Vines TQed with 50/8:08.89
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 48 8:00.38 Allan Alvord 8.18
2 48 8:00.57 Steve Vines 8.17
3 43 8:06.49 Tom Acosta 7.23
4 43 8:11.06 Federico R 7.16
5 27 6:00.20 Dane Hopkins 6.13

By second lap Steve Vines was upfront but unable to get away from the pack. While every one are trying to sort themself out in the second turn, Allan started to come around and put every one a lap down. Steve broke loose from the pack and started to unlap himself from Allan. Tom is holding the edge on Federico for 3rd but Federico would not give it up. Steve finally unlap himself but now he will have to work harder since Allan still have a healthy lead. 5 seconds to go and Steve was 2 feet from Allan's car, hundreadth of second to go on the last cornet to the finish line Steve was only inches behind Allan.

Mini Z F1 A Main
Derick Butterfield TQed with 30/5:02.95
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 42 7:08.16 Freddie P 8.03
2 41 7:02.24 Derick B 7.75
3 33 7:03.75 Tom Acosta 6.37
4 13 2:25.34 Allan Alvord 7.32
5 4 0:59.11 James Davis 5.54

Freddie took off in the first place and never look back. Derrick Butterfield was holding 2nd when Allan came around took over 2nd spot. On lap 14 Allan was done with mechanical problem, Derrick moved into second spot, James Davis had a bad luck with his car and have to pull it off the track on lap 3. Tom Acosta was running steady in 3 spot once the dust settled.


Thank you.

Mr. P
2004.03.09, 05:25 PM

And here is the result for Saturday night racing, March 6, 2004
Rossanation TQed with 27/5:09.11
Pos Lap Time-----------Name---------------avg.mph
1 27 5:02.54-------Rossnator--------- 7.30
2 26 5:03.79-------Dragon Man-------7.00
3 25 5:02.26-------Joey Renna---------6.77
4 23 5:14.06-------Gary Reeter--------5.99
5 18 5:05.03-------Rich Hernandez-- 4.83

Steve Vines TQed with 49/8:05.01
Pos Lap Time----------Name---------------avb.mph
1 48 8:07.73------Steve Vines--------8.05
2 46 8:05.56------Justin B-------------7.75
3 43 8:09.49------Dane H--------------7.19
4 42 8:04.94------Chuck H-------------7.09
5 41 8:01.72------Ashton H------------6.69
6 28 5:43.79------Tom Acosta---------6.66

Freddie P TQed with 46/8:02.16
Pos Lap Time----------Name---------------avg.mph
1 47 8:06.08------Rudy Rodriguez---7.91
2 47 8:06.57------Freddie P-----------7.9
3 46 8:01.61------Jose Rovirosa------7.81
4 46 8:04.06------Allan Alvord---------7.78
5 44 8:10.03------Brett Reichert------7.35
6 36 7:21.68------Tom Acosta---------7.35
--------- DNS -----------Justin Link

Allan Alvord TQed with 50/8:02.21
Pos Lap Time----------Name----------------avg.mph
1 51 8:01.97------Allan Alvord---------8.66
2 51 8:03.53------Steve Vines---------8.63
3 49 8:05.52------Justin Link-----------8.26
4 46 8:02.92------Chuck H--------------7.79
5 46 8:08.03------Justin B---------------7.71

Rudy Rodriguez TQed with 55/8:02.56
Pos Lap Time-----------Name---------------avg.mph
1 58 8:07.49-------Rudy Rodriguez---9.73
2 56 8:01.40-------James Davis-------9.52
3 55 8:05.85-------Jose Rovirosa-----9.26
4 39 8:16.92-------Matt Renna--------6.42
5 2 0:14.65-------Karl Lapastura----11.17

Thank you for racing with us.

Mr. P
2004.03.11, 04:42 PM
Mini Z F1 A Main winner, Rudy Rodriguez, Freddie P and Jose Rovirosa

Mr. P
2004.03.11, 04:43 PM
Mini Z F1 line up.

Mr. P
2004.03.11, 04:44 PM
Mini Z F1 action on the infield.

Mr. P
2004.03.11, 04:45 PM
Another line up of the F1

Mr. P
2004.03.11, 04:46 PM
F1 Honda VS Ferrari in turn 1.

Mr. P
2004.03.11, 04:58 PM
The intensity of F1 competition shows on these guys face.

Mr. P
2004.03.14, 03:57 PM
Result of Saturday night race, March 13, 2004

Dragon Man TQed with 42/8:02.47
Pos Lap Time Name---------------avg.mph
1 45 8:06.82 Joey Renna--------7.56
2 41 8:15.15 Dragon Man-------6.77
------- DNS --------- Richard Trueman

Steve Vines TQed with 51/8:05.96
Pos Lap Time Name----------------avg.mph
1 50 8:08.02 Steve Vines, HPI---------8.38
2 47 8:04.19 Rossanator, HPI---------7.94
3 44 8:09.46 Federico Rodriguez, XRAY--7.36
4 39 8:09.47 Paul Renna, XRAY --------6.52
5 20 3:13.71 Allan Alvord, XRAY--------8.45

Derrick Butterfield TQed with 49/8:07.67
Pos Lap Time Name---------------avg.mph
1 48 8:07.91 Derrick Butterfield--8.05
2 46 8:01.90 Jose Rovirosa-------7.81
3 11 1:48.74 Allan Alvord----------8.28

James Davis TQed with 56/8:05.40
Pos Lap Time Name-----------------avg.mph
1 56 8:04.11 James Davis---------9.46
2 55 8:04.31 David Palacios-------9.29
3 51 8:00.68 Steve Vines----------8.68
4 31 4:57.48 Derrick Butterfield---8.53
5 14 3:02.89 Jose Rovirosa--------6.26
6 1 1:11.17 Mathew Renna------9.20

Pos Lap Time Name----------------avg.mph
1 36 5:05.84 Rudy Rodriguez----9.63
2 36 5:07.47 James Davis--------9.58
3 36 5:08.55 David Palacio-------9.55

Thank you all for participated in the race.

Mr. P
2004.03.18, 09:12 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT: We just received an ARC lap counting system(12 cars model) from KO Propo. We will have it install and utilize it for the first time on SATURDAY NIGHT RACING, March 20, 2004.
The race will started at 6:00 PM.

We would like to invite all of the Mini Z fans and racers to race with us. The race fee is $8.00. There will be 3 qualify round. Each qualify is 8 minutes long the main will be 8 minutes also.

Track size is 40 feet by 18 feet with Ozite carpet. Back straight is a little over 5 feet wide, infield area are between 3 feet to 4 feet wide.

2004.03.19, 02:17 AM
greetings mr. p...

good read through the threads... so you host micro's races along with the mini's... which is a bigger group? the micro's or the mini's

arc lap counting system... that sounds really cool... no more transponders to deal with... hope you don't mind my asking as to how much your got the system...

since you mentioned that it's the first time to use this system, can you let us all know how it goes...

thanks and more power (pun intended)

what system did you use prior to the arc? thanks for any info....

Mr. P
2004.03.22, 05:45 PM
Herman, we have more Micro crowd on the micro at this point, however the key to introduce Mini Z to the crown is to make sure that your find the right set up(base set up) that will work on your track. This means that the car need to handle as good or comparable to other scale in order to hve fun driving it.

We have a pretty good Micro crowd that are driving both HPI and Xray cars now. The Mini Z F1 that we are racing now is something that most of the expert drivers have a soft spot for. We are also introducing other form of Mini Z racing(mr02 chassis and overland).

We have been using KO Propo ARC system with TD1 transponder for Micro size car. the transponder is slightly larger(may be 30% larger) than the personal transponder that AMB sell.

For Mini Z size car we purchase another ARC system specifically for MINI Z.(12 cars unit) This unit cost us $2,400.00 usd. The good things about this unit is that it doesnot require the car to carry any transponder. Please also noted that we are using both units in conjuction with AutoScore counting software system. The software will run you about $700.00 usd, you can check it out on B&B software.

If your follow all of the instructions for installation of the Unit you should not have any problem setting it up. Keep in mind that these systems are detecting Radio Frequency, adjusting the gain and try not to have any transmitters turn on next to the detection wire loop is very important to accuracy of the counting.

Good luck and have fun.

2004.03.23, 12:11 AM
Hey Sam,

It's Fraz from NorCal. How the heck is it going? Tell Freddie and Debbie I said hi. How come I don't see Debbie's name in these results, is she too good for Mini-Z;) I'm just wonderin' when you are going to get her running an 1/8 scale so she can kick my butt in that too.[hahaha]

Do you have a phone number and directions/times for your track? I will be down for the Mini-Z nats soon and I am staying close to your track so maybe I can swing by and catch a race or some practice.

Mr. P
2004.03.23, 12:40 AM
It's nice to hear from you. Debbie is still busy with her school. According to her she wants to get back into it again but you guys are too fast. Freddie just jumps in once in a while to race. I will let them know that you say hi.

Our track located in Rialto California.
The address is
1505 S. Riverside Ave. Suite #B
Rialto, CA 92376
Tel : 909/877-2648

We open 7 days a week at 11:00 AM
close at Midnight on Sunday thru Thursday, on Friday and Saturday we close at 2 AM.

We race on Tuesday night at 7:30 PM and Saturday night at 6:00 PM.

We race both Micro(HPI RS4 and Xray with Stock motor, 6 and 5 Cells respectively, in rubber class and prostock which means foam) and Mini Z. On mini z side we mostly race F1 with x speed motor.

We use 2 KO propo ARC systems for timing(one for micro, one for mini Z) and Auto Score to run the race program.

Hope to see you guys soon and good luck with you racing.


2004.03.23, 04:45 AM
thanks mr. p for the info....

so far (if i'm not mistaken) you're the second track that's got an arc system that's mini-z specific (first i know of is at cp...) and it is great not having to put on/take off a transponder on the z's...

definitely the system is totally cool... unfortunately though, the huge price isn't...

just wondering... if your micro operates on a 27mhz am freq, will you be able to use it in conjunction with the arc system for the mini-z?

if it does... i can just hint at what you can do with the other arc system... :D

(unless you guys are using frequencies other than the 27mhz am that is)

Mr. P
2004.03.23, 02:39 PM
Herman, with out opening it up I can only speculate the following. Price of ARC system for Micro is not that bad(Roughtly around $ 1,800 usd, compare to approx. $3000.00 for AMB), the real good thing about the system is the fact that the transponder unit is only $ 22.00 retail(the only thing it has it there is crystal for RF) this is much better in comparison to $ 80.00 for AMB unit. Can you imagine some one walked away with the AMB, at $80.00 a pop that will hurt.

I would imagine that the basic principal for the ARC unit is to detect the RF that emit out of crystal when it is power up. The main part of the box should be exactly the same however the filtering section should be according to what application it is being used such as 27 mhz or 72 mhz or ones that they use in the TD1 unit.

I'd like to say that if KO wants to go head to head with AMB they should build the system that would allow you to buy filtering unit separately.

That's my 2 cents

2004.03.23, 11:00 PM
to keep things simple, my micro's operate on 27mhz am freq (same as the mini-z's)...

since they both operate on the 27mhz am freq, i was wondering if the arc mini-z specific system will be able to pick up the signal, thus eliminating the need for transponders...

or as you mentioned, it would depend on the filters that's in your receiver???

Mr. P
2004.03.25, 02:05 PM
Herman, we tried running Losi Mini T(1/18 scale truck) thru the system and it detect it nicely. The Losi Mini T truck happen to use
27 Mhz receiver and transmitter. We have not try other car beside mini Z and mini t yet but I beleive that it will detect any us(6 frequency) and Japan(12 Frequency) standard 27 mhz band(AM).

What you can do is to send an e-mail to KO Propo and ask them for the list of frequency that the ARC will detect and work it from

The filtering part is actually in the ARC system itself. From what you have said in regarding to your micro rs 4 using 27 mhz am, I am sure it will detect it with out any problem. The only bad/good thing that I can see is the fact that you will be limiting to use only AM radio which may be good since it should cost less to purchase.

I would like to inform every one that we will run the overland race this Saturday night(March 27, 2004) also. So if you have a stock overland, bring it out and let's have fun.

Mr. P
2004.04.03, 02:31 AM
An exploded view of DTM car and well !!!! you guess is as good as mine.

Mr. P
2004.04.03, 02:32 AM
Let's count how many cells does Rod try to put on this one !!!!

2004.04.05, 12:45 AM
mr.p thanks a lot for the info... :D

Mr. P
2004.04.05, 04:04 PM
Race result for Saturday night April 3, 2004

Micro Rookies A Main
Steve Vines TQed with 46/8:02.89
Pos Lap Time Name avg.mph
1 46 8:05.24 Steve Vines------7.76
2 44 8:14.58 Joey Renna------7.28
3 42 8:07.53 Tom Acosta------7.05
4 42 8:00.65 Ross'N'ator------7.01
5 39 8:00.65 DragonMan------6.64
6 36 8:00.31 Paul Renna------6.13
7 20 8:11.56 Richard H---------3.33
During the qualify Joey Renna, Tom Acosta and Steve Vines were having titanic fight for TQed honor. In the main Steve just got away pretty clean, came around and use traffic to his advantage. Both Joey and Tom were having some tough time trying to go thru traffic and never able to reel Steve in.

Mini Z F1 A Main
Dereck Butterfield TQed with 29/5:10.23
Pos Lap Time Name
1 28 5:00.27 Jose Rovirosa
2 28 5:02.91 Dereck Butterfield
3 27 5:02.61 Bobby Krusbe
4 26 5:02.52 Justin Link
5 25 5:01.35 Jason Yu
6 25 5:08.69 Kyle
7 23 5:00.74 Rod
8 6 3:38.57 Allan
Mr. TQed, Dereck Butterfield took off and led for most part of the race with Jose Rovirosa and Bobby Krusbe in tow. Allan was a factor in the race until he got hit and ended his run for glory. We also have Rod from No Motor Limit, Kyle from Mini Z world and Jason Yu from Xtreme RC participated in this race. While Rod was showing how potent his motor was, his set up was not quite there. Kyle is still trying to get his Ferrari to handle right in turn. Almost at the end Jose put a move on Dereck and took the checker flag.

Pro Stock Micro A Main
Francis A TQed with 54/8:09.46
Pos Lap Time Name-----------------avg.mph
1 53 8:06.04 James Davis----------8.92
2 53 8:07.28 Francis A--------------8.90
3 51 8:07.96 Dereck Butterfield---8.55
4 50 8:07.27 Roel Espina-----------8.40
5 46 8:10.84 Steve Vines-----------7.67
------------- DNS ---- Bill Cook
Francis and James and Dereck were so close together until after 5 minute mark when Francis and James started to pull away(Dereck was mumbling something about Battery is letting him down). At the end the traffic became a factor and James went by to take the win

Mini T Stock A Main
Jason Yu TQed with 31/5:06.41
Pos Lap Time Name
1 30 5:00.96 James Davis
2 30 5:01.69 Jose Rovirosa
3 29 5:09.15 Jason Yu
4 24 5:13.87 Andy Gunn
5 23 5:08.10 Dereck Butterfield
6 21 5:0067 Ross'N'ator
New class that offer a lot of fun, we hope to see more of these guys next time around

Micro Modified A Main
RadiShack TQed with 31/5:08.71
Pos Lap Time Name-------------avg.mph
1 33 5:04.94 Steve Lai---------8.85
2 23 3:42.50 RadiShack--------8.46
These two were showing how fast a modify can run until RadiShack pull out with mechanical problem;) .

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are moving Tuesday night Race to WEDNESDAY NIGHT RACE instead. The race on WEDNESDAY NIGHT WILL START AT 7:30 PM.

DTM CAR'S OWNER, we will start to race them also, so bring them in. The rule is pretty simple
- Motor, only HPI or TEAM ORION motor, no other motor allow
- Up to 6 Cells battery pack only.
- This class is for DTM SP(2 WHEEL DRIVE) ONLY.

Thank you, see you all on Wednesday night race.

Mr. P
2004.04.07, 01:50 AM
Some of the picture from Saturday night racing.
CNV0020- F1 in action
CNV0021- F1 + MR01 and MR02 line up
CNV0025- I might as well thow this one in to Mini T in action
CNV0027- Mini T line up

Mr. P
2004.05.28, 05:22 PM
FREE RACE FOR ALL MINI-Z, for Saturday, May 29, race start at 6:00 PM.

So bring them all in, we will have a run what you bring.
At: Net Zone / Micro Zone
1505 S. Riverside Ave.
Rialto, CA 92376
(909) 877- 2648
(909) 936 - 9327

Thank you

Mr. P
2004.06.03, 02:00 PM
To Thank All Racers That Have Been Frequent At The Net Zone / Micro Zone We Are Offering A Free Race For All Classes On Saturday June 5. The Race Will Start At 6:00 Pm. Sharp. Please Give Yourself Enough Time For Sign Up And Prepare To Race.

- Sport, Rubber Tire Only, Any 180 Motor(including Gpm).
Battery Pack, Hpi-6 Cells, Xray 5 Cells
- Prostock, Rubber Or Foam, Any 180 Motor(including Gpm).
- Mini T Stock Motor, 6 Cell Pack, Stock Radio Or Am 27mhz.
- Kyo Sho Mini Z Run What You Brung

1505 S. Riverside Ave.
Rialto, Ca 9276
(909)877- 2648

Mr. P
2004.06.04, 05:06 PM
Race result for Wednesday night, June 2, 2004
Pro Stock B Main
Rich Picard(no relation to the Enterprise captain) TQed with 42/8:09.40

Pos Lap Time Name
1 47 8:03.01 Rich Picard
2 42 8:07.88 Tom Acosta
3 41 8:00.27 Andre Foster
4 17 2:51.47 Eric Kim
--------- DNS-------- William Alvord

Eric Kim pulled out a hole shot and started to walk away with Captain Picard in second. Almost three minutes into the race Eric Kim battery came apart and had to drop out of the race. Picard must have felt a tremendous releive and put together a very clean fast run(5 laps more than what he qualified) to take first place. Tom Acosta with a lone HPI came in 2nd and contemplating switching over to X-Ray. Andre Foster is still getting his car to suit his driving style and came in 3rd.

Pro Stock A Main
Allan Alvord TQed with 54/8:04.43
Pos Lap Time Name
1 56 8:07.20 Freddie P
2 54 8:06.14 Allan Alvord
3 53 8:00.78 Ice Cold
4 50 8:02.99 Derrick Butterfield
5 46 8:08.04 Dane Hopkins

Allan and Freddie P led the group off the line while Ice Cold and Derick B. are working each other for 3 rd spot. Freddie P got the better of Allan and started to put some distant between him and Allan while Ice Cold finally put Derrick away with some quick laps. When the race ended Derick was tempting at 200 degrees. Guess he will need new motor soon.

Hey don't forget free races on Saturday, June 5 at 6:00 pm.
Bring all of your mini z out and race with us. We are using KO Propo lap counting system.

Mr. P
2004.06.17, 02:51 PM
Race result for Wednesday night, June 16, 2004
Pro Stock B main
Danny kuo TQed with 50/8:08.13
Pos Lap Time Name
1 51 8:08.83 Danny Kuo
2 46 8:01.23 Matt Branton
3 46 8:01.24 Ty Ikehara
4 6 2:15.74 Rich Picard

Pro Stock A Main
Francis A TQed with 54/8:00.66
Pos Lap Time Name
1 54 8:10.10 Francis A.
2 50 8:02.70 Danny Kuo **Mr. Bump up****
3 49 8:00.05 Ty Ikehara
4 48 8:01.00 Ice Cold
5 48 8:05.11 Lim
6 46 8:07.36 Dane Hopkins

Mini Z, stock A Main
Pos Lap Time Name
1 39 7.09.52 Ty Ikehara
2 35 7:01.32 Ice Cold

Thank VIP for comming down to race with us.
Please note that the mini-z were driven by several other Micro drivers as a test.
So come on down and bring your mini z with you on Saturday night(race start at 6:00 Pm).

Mini Z set up for this track, rear tire 18 degrees or softer(preferrably 8 to 10 degrees), front tire between 40 to 25 degree depends on how you want your car to turn. Other hop up parts are up to your preference.

No transponder required, track is equipped with KO Propo lap counting system for Mini- Z and Autoscore software to run the race.

Mr. P
2004.06.18, 12:39 AM
For those who got spanked by Philip Ng of PN racing, you'll get a chance to redeem yourself this Saturday(June 19th, 6:00 Pm) at the Net Zone we will have a run what you brung for Mini Z(free Mini Z race).

Mr. P
2004.07.24, 02:14 AM
We still race mini Z at the Net Zone. Two weeks ago with many thanks to Noel. He loan us the RCP TRACK to have us run for the night. Please check out the video that Daniel Kuo had put together.
Go to www.danielkuo.neptune.com and check out the Untitled video.
We would like to anounce a PNracing mini Z challenge at the Net Zone on September, please go to www.pnracing.com for more info of the race.
So remember bring it out(mini Z or micro) on wednesday night just to have fun.
Thank you

Mr. P
2004.11.15, 08:15 PM

Racing will start on Saturday November 20th at 1 Pm. The track will be open at 12:00 noon.

The race fee will be $6.00
Class: Micro Stock - Xray M18, 5 cells, stock motor, any tires
- HPI micro, 6 cells, stock motor any tires

Mini-z - No fet upgrade, any motor are fine as long as you
you don't blow up your fet.

So now it's time to get your car out and have some fun.
any question either call me at (909)877-2648 or email me at samxphumirat@hotmail.com

Thank you

2006.02.03, 01:16 AM
do u guys have the track for overland??

2006.02.03, 06:42 AM
do u guys have the track for overland??

Maybe you didn't notice that this thread is over 2 years old. When I was at Netzone in May of last year they just had the RCP track. Funny I missed that thread in 2004 completely and was reading thru it as if it was new :p .

If it's still in existance it would be in Rialto and the name of the shop in NetZone.


2006.03.01, 05:15 PM
It's still there. Cool place. They have a Big RCP track. I plan on taking some folks out there this weekend. I'll keep you posted.