View Full Version : My Overland

2004.02.03, 03:59 PM
Heres my overland

2004.02.03, 04:00 PM
sorry didn't load

2004.02.03, 04:13 PM
These are the hop ups so far. Any advice on what i should get next

Kyosho High-Grip Mt tires
Kyosho Gunmetal land cruiser wheels
Kyosho skeleton chassis green
Kyosho skeleton servo case green
Kyosho Ball bearing set
Kyosho x-speed motor
Kyosho screw set blue
Kyosho red wheel nuts
Kyosho under guard chrome

Powerlne brake disc set

a pic of the chassis:D

2004.02.04, 12:39 AM
Hi, I would sugest to go with the milled balls, 2pc. mvw08 &1pc. mvw09. king pin mvw03 & shaft mvw04 These helps improve handling.