View Full Version : Some new parts for Russ :)

2002.01.31, 08:41 PM
Alright guys, got my shipment in...no, not the drugs, that's next week...I'm talkin about my Z parts :)

Here are my GPM 2 camber knuckles....

2002.01.31, 08:43 PM
Forgot, in 1st pic, also got some GPM treaded tires...best I've tried yet, super soft, mucho grip!!!

Again, tires, and also my new GPM MZ040 Torque + Speed motor...

2002.01.31, 08:45 PM
other side...

2002.01.31, 08:45 PM
hey russ,
what do the 2 degrees camber knuckles do?

2002.01.31, 08:49 PM
Also, burried under all that plastic, is a GPM alloy 1st servo gear, nd a spankin new set of RCRM bearings, which is said to be the best in production as of now. Anyway, HUGE props to Mini-z and his online establishment!!!

2002.01.31, 08:51 PM
if your tires in front are flat across, they help keep traction in a turn. if you turn, you know your mini-z's chassis rolls to the outside a bit....this causes the flat tires to tilt up on their edges, giving you mabye a fraction of the grip of the whole tire. The camber knuckles gives you the max grip on the outside front wheel when this happens because it tilts the top of the wheel in torwards the car, so when the chassis rolls, it rolls the tire over so it is flat in the corners.

2002.01.31, 08:56 PM
ah.. gotcha:D

2002.01.31, 09:26 PM
Hey, Russ

Let me know if the motor is any good, eh? I been thinking about getting one but I've heard some bad things about motor life.

2002.01.31, 09:43 PM
Well, I've been running it for less than a day, but I'll let you know if anything bad happens :) The GPM Torque motor has more torque, but this motor is still VERY cool, alot faster than the XSpeed :)

2002.01.31, 10:23 PM
OK then, run the life out of it for me and tell me how long it took :D:D:D

2002.02.01, 12:13 AM
how much were those knuckles?

2002.02.01, 07:00 AM
sent you an email :)

2002.02.01, 03:08 PM
Thanks for the compliments Russ!

Crazy Chinchila
2002.02.15, 11:29 AM
those are cool tires as well , do you hook up better with the V grooves ?

2002.02.15, 07:20 PM
They hook up great on carpet, well, great on anything for that. But, they are so soft, that if you run them on any type of concrete, the tread will be gone in a matter of minutes.