View Full Version : RCP at Tom Thumbs, Columbus

2004.02.07, 11:57 PM
The RCP track was used for the first time today at Tom Thumbs. The track is grippy and as you well know the barriers can make for sudden stops or severe bounce offs into traffic. Other than that a definate improvement compared to the ozite carpet we used to race on. Makes for excellent races once you get used to the surface. Thanks mike for hooking us up! Looking forward to the Kcup in two weeks.

Here are some pics from todays festivities. More to come from latency as well i think


2004.02.08, 12:20 AM
...have too many Z's West!! :)

One of those is box stock for cup race, the other is my mod mr01 for cup, then the black enzo is my mod mr02. :)


2004.02.08, 12:29 AM
i think you have as many touring cars as mark has F1s. But hey,

...it's all good!:D

2004.02.08, 10:35 AM
it is called addiction. :)

Here are a few of the pics from yesterday.....apologize for the lousy shots, but my cam was set up for my last shoot, which were NOT the settings to use for the racing action. But with little time between racing, prepping to race, and running races, did not have time to get the setup right. Better ones next time. :)




2004.02.08, 10:39 AM
This is NOT the config for the Cup race.

The location of that track is where we run our club races, and the space is fairly limited. For the cup race, the track will be located in another area of Mikes shop, and will alow for a larger more technical track.

RCP, if you are out there, THANK YOU FOR THESE TRACKS. I love the surface, and I love the rails. You stay of the rails, you fly. A few guys had some issues with the rails, but that just let them know that they may ride the rail a bit too much when it is pvc. :)