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2004.02.12, 08:17 AM
Is it safe to run the cars on commercial carpet? I have a clubhouse in my community that has a large area and until I can afford a nice track I would like to practice somewhere by my house and I think it would be perfect!!! ( I DONT HAVE ROOM AT MY PLACE) Right now I have to drive 20 miles to run. Not something for everyday!


2004.02.12, 06:01 PM
Commercial carpet is fine to run on but the traction is questionable depending upon the install job and quality of the carpet. Just to clarify, commercial carpet is a real short loop pile and is the same stuff you find in most office buildings. It certainly won't hurt your Z and you just need to find the best tires to hook up well. I tried my soft rubber race tires and they were just ok but weren't great for high speed racing. I ran some of my Tamiya Reston blues and was hooked up and traction rolling. I would try the Tamiya Reston yellow (hard) or orange (medium) and make sure you true them down to a small diameter. Your Z should be on rails!

2004.02.13, 12:41 AM
thanks fraz!!
I will be running on there soon.
It has enough room where i can practice.
I need alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004.02.13, 12:21 PM
Also check your car for carpet fuzz after running. It can get around axels and shafts tight enough to lock them up and smoke the motor or ESC.

Carry a tweezers and pull it out before it causes you trouble.