View Full Version : Anyone in South Denver

2004.02.12, 08:03 PM
looking for drivers in South Denver/Aurora

2004.02.12, 09:28 PM
Hey rkk,

I'm not in S. Denver, more like N. Denver/Thornton area. It would be nice to find local Mini-Z hobbists like myself. I even have a RCP "L" Track to race on! Contact me for more info.

My site:



2004.03.28, 10:15 AM
We have talked before but I live in Golden...not too far away

2004.03.28, 11:44 PM
I was too cheap to buy a RCP track. So I bought a bunch of the 2'x2' anti fatigue floor mats (problem is one side is diamond plate pattern) I bought enough sets fo create a track 16x12. Still working out what to use as lane dividers. I want to use slot car gaurd rails as I already have a bunch. I also want to use hardwood floor underlayment to do the grass color. I'll post actual pictures when I get a chance. Here is an idea of the track layout I did with some slot car software.

2004.03.28, 11:47 PM
bring it up to my house please...lol, when will it be done?

2004.04.10, 08:17 AM
Still working out what to use as lane dividers

consider 2" pvc's. That's what JP uses on his basement foam track and seems to work well.


2005.02.12, 07:57 PM
looking for drivers in South Denver/Aurora
I live in Longmont. I race 1/10 EP touring cars but I have been looking for an alternative.

Are you still running mini-Zs?

2005.02.12, 09:56 PM
Sorry, I actually don't race any R/C anymore. I still have a Mini-Z Mad Force as well as a RCP "Wide-L" Track, but both have been sitting in a box just collecting dust. Anyone interested in buying these items who will put them to good use should contact me!

Davey Jones
2006.09.17, 09:57 AM
We race in a large JR, High gym I have 9 Lg L RCP tracks 2 Exp tracks
and not afraid to use it. Our web-www.rockymtnxrcracing.com we welcome all racers

2006.09.17, 11:10 AM
Glad to see our hobby growuing here, maybe I'll put together a road trip with the guys in our group and head down for one of your race days. You guys are about 90 miles form me. I have 5 wide "L"s and a wide oval. I'd really like to check out your core system and see how that works. I'll keep an eye on your site for the next race day I have availalbe.