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2004.02.25, 08:24 AM
OK, I have been asked about some informaiton regarding Clifton Park and the Cup race that is being held in March. I figured this is a good place to put the informaiton so anyone/everyone can get the informaiton without me sending out numerous emails.

1) Lodging CP has 4 major Hotels they are

·Best Western - Clifton Park
Web page isn't comming up right.

·Comfort Inn at Clifton Park
41 Fire Road - Old Route 146
Clifton Park, New York 12065
(518) 373-0222 / (800) 228-5150
fax: (518) 373-0278

·Comfort Suites at Clifton Park
7 Northside Drive
Clifton Park, New York 12065
(518) 373-2255 / (800) 228-5150
fax: (518) 373-7888

·Hampton Inn
620 Plank Road
Clifton Park, NY 10265
Telephone: (518) 373-2345
Fax: (518) 373-0775

Or you can go to www.cliftonpark.org and make the reservation online

2) Batteries. The CP Mini Raceway has a special lable for the GP800's that they are selling. So, if you don't have the Kyosho ones, the CP Gp800's are also legal. In fact, those two are the ONLY ones that will be allowed. You can order the batteries from Eric or Rose at the shop or get them the morning of the race. The phone number to the shop is 518-371-4887

3) The Registraction I am not too sure of. I Believe if you want a tee shirt, you will need to register 2 weeks prior (that would be now) Or you can register up to the day before. ( Call Eric or Rose for sure)

4) Pratice, The shop is in a mall so they are open 7 days a week form 10:00 am to 9:30 pm. Track rental is by the hour or one fee for the day. there are tables in the pit area with power. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:00 to close is league nights. The site www.miniraceway.com can give you a little more informaiton.

Hope this helps. Good luck and am looking forward to seeing you at the race!

Any questions, ask them here and I will do my best to get them answered. (except you Bill, I'll see you Sunday )
;) ;) ;) ;) :D

2004.02.25, 08:40 AM
wouldn't this belong in the track, cp... section? i can move it if you like;)

2004.02.25, 09:25 AM
Arch2b, you can move it if you like. I put it here due to not knowing where it should be. BUT That is not what I meant by "any questions you can ask them here" :D

2004.02.25, 09:45 AM


my wife asked me again if i was going to go, has nothing to do with the nearby slots;)

nice to know it's in a mall so you can do something other than sit around for hours inbetween heats/mains

2004.02.25, 10:05 AM
Yea, being in a mall has it's benefits. They have to be open specific days and times according to their lease. Also, food court is not too far and there are stores for the NON-racers to go to when bored. Also a movie complex, Radio shack (for those who want to get the Xmods) Boscovs, and a whole lot more (I'm starting to sound like a commercial :rolleyes: ) Hope you can make it. West1 is looking to attend also. and wcrotty. All the members that run at the track are going to be there and we have alot of racers that don't post here (not saying they don't snoop around though ;) )

2004.02.26, 11:28 AM
thanks for the info PA, pretty cool it's in the mall. Not sure if i like paying for track time but oh well.

As for the batts, i really hope there'll be enough. I'll just have to get in touch with them and see if they can't set aside a few for me. i have the gp800s but that's it. No kyoshos.

Arch- LMK if you end up going. Looks like i may be going solo up there, no replies yet on a potential carpooler

2004.02.26, 11:38 AM
The cost of track time helps pay the rent and the Electric bills for the shop. All they really do is the Mini Z's and the mall frontage is not cheap. 8 for a whole day is not bad. I pay $2 an hour and $8 for the day. That includes the electric hookup (bring your own charger) There are usually knowledgable people at the track to help out (not just Eric and Rose but the patrons too!:D ) if you have any questions or problems. Looking forward to meeting you there. Are you going to be there the day before? I am thinking about taking that day off but not sure how crowded the track will be. Last year, not alot of people took advantage of showing up early.

2004.02.26, 11:55 AM
wow, $8 for the day is nothing. i was expecting more so good deal

race is sunday i see. I'd definately want to be there all day saturday to get used to the track and get dialed in.

no worries on the shirt too since i got one already. besides, i'll likely wear my mclaren shirt again:D i'm just hoping i can register saturday. i still need to call though

2004.02.26, 11:56 AM
no, the race is Saturday the 13th.

2004.02.26, 03:28 PM
saturday the 13th, it sure is. i'll see if i can't be there friday all day to practice,

Had to do some finagling with the preset vacation times with the boss today. Working for the gov't i had dates for time off requested already that didn't include this event. Course at the time i submitted my requests i had no intention on going to this

confirmation is pending... and i'm crossing my fingers.
Anaheim is still up in the air too.

So much racing. So little time.

2004.02.26, 07:02 PM
I think I might like to go too

2004.02.28, 08:11 PM
well, the bad news is that my leave request was not approved due to staff shortage. So sadly i must scrap all plans to make this event.

The good news is that i'm very much needed at work. Good for job security:D

2004.03.16, 11:19 AM
just saw the kyosho link pics. Pretty good turn out looks like.

i wouldn't mind seeing the lap data from this race if at all possible.

btw, PaulAngelo, where you in the pics?:D

2004.03.16, 11:52 AM
Yes, I am in one of the ones Kirk took. http://www.rc-crazy.com/cuprace/gallery/pages/PICT4552.htm That is me in the red shirt on the left. I am also working on Eric about giving me the sheets so I can scan them in and post them.

2005.05.13, 07:55 PM
How far upstate are you guys? Are you by Woodstock, Albany, Lake George, or farther up? I know I see the exit every time I head up to my vacation house in Lake Placid, but I can't remember where you guys are.

2005.05.13, 08:10 PM
How far upstate are you guys? Are you by Woodstock, Albany, Lake George, or farther up? I know I see the exit every time I head up to my vacation house in Lake Placid, but I can't remember where you guys are.
exit 9 off the northway, north of Albany south of Saratoga. in Clifton Park

2005.05.13, 09:29 PM
Ok, I know exactly where you are. Maybe I can convince the parents to do a day trip down there from LP, otherwise it'll be 5 months, which is when I get my license. I'd love to see how my Iwaver does against some real ones... :)

2005.05.14, 04:37 PM
I would call Eric first at CP raceway ,as he is closed for the summer.

2005.08.10, 04:06 PM
Let's hope Eric finds a new location so we can race this winter.

2005.08.10, 04:09 PM
Off-topic, but any of you guys with 1:18 trucks going to the 1:18 nationals?

2005.08.10, 04:13 PM
Off-topic, but any of you guys with 1:18 trucks going to the 1:18 nationals?

Where are the National being held? Thanks!