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2002.02.02, 10:13 AM
Hey people!

For anyone in the Toronto area, There is racing tonight at the Toronto Mini-Z Hobby Shop. I'm going at around 10-11 ish (hopefully). The racing starts at 8 and goes on for a long time (I left last week at 12 and everyone was still there!!)

The shop is at Kennedy and hwy. 7, south side, in the "Peach Tree Centre" (?)

www.minizhobbyshop.com for info.

2002.02.02, 11:15 AM
ahhhhh. i wish i could go, but sadly i am too far away, well, not really but I dont have a car yet, as soon as i get my g2 and a car or atleast use of my mom's or brothers's i will be there every weekend with you guys. woah do they really race that long all the time or is it just on saturdays?

2002.02.02, 11:31 AM
i'm gonna be there at around 3:30 to 4:15 2day.... (saturday Feb 2nd)....

2002.02.02, 03:34 PM

Are you going to be there tonight for the racing?

plastic x,

The track closes at 12:30 (am) on weekdays and 2:30 (am) on weekends. The races are only on saturdays, and the heats are 15min long!

2002.02.02, 03:42 PM
probably not 2nite.... but a little earlier....

2002.02.02, 04:10 PM
how much earlier? like at around 6 or something?

2002.02.02, 04:31 PM
depends.... if i get a ride from my friend then i can get there, if not then i can think about next week.... I would definately be there next week....

2002.02.02, 04:48 PM

Like I said above, I will be there at around 10ish. If you're there look for a big guy with a grey backwards cap.

2002.02.02, 05:41 PM
I wish I could make it but it's a couple thousand miles too far for me:( Even if I started now, I wouldn't make it in time:(:(

2002.02.03, 03:28 PM
haha, thanks for the thought...

the racing was pretty cool last night, with about 8 tin tops and 3 F1 cars. Less than last week, but still enough to be fun. The F1 cars seem to understeer really bad, but the tintops handle awesome on the track surface.