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2001.11.14, 09:35 AM
hi everyone

anyone heard about tracks, events, clubs, racers, whatever in the united kingdom or denmark....

cool forum by the way

cheers le-manz

2001.12.13, 02:25 PM

Good question! I spoke to Steve from TAG Models / http://www.modelshopdirect.com about the general popularity.

Admin: No offence, but TAG are the UK local source for cars and hop-ups! I will be placing orders from yourselves as only Kyosho hop-ups are available and I need more than Kyosho can offer. :D

It seems as if the MiniZ's are selling here in the UK, but I assume that (unfortunately) 99% of them will remain housebound and never be used in competition.

I spent in excess of 300 (US$ 400) on my car and the relevant hop-up's. I think if we persue the matter via this forum we could well generate enough interest to get a race meeting on the go here in the UK. Although I am (now) based in Bristol (altho' I am an ex Thames Valley resident) :D I wouldn't mind travelling to attend a race meeting.

Let's see if we can get the UK Mini-Z owners to use their beloved little treasures to race. Hell, they just need motivation!

Some feedback would be appreciated!


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2001.12.13, 10:50 PM
Mondo: no problem about the link; thanks!

2001.12.14, 06:51 AM
Hi mondo

I'm happy to see, that i'm not in mini-z limbo:D
I've tried to check out most of the clubs over here on the net, to see if they've got any tracks for mini-z, but no luck yet. Hopefully it's just a matter of time. Still searching.......

Sorry admin, but i have to post this one, since if one wants to buy a set of tires, shipping from the states gets a bit expensive:

mondo check out www.modelsportuk.com they offer a lot more than the one you mentioned, and they sell other brands beside kyosho. I've used them with no problems at all. Prices are a bit high, so if you're planning on buying lots of stuff, i suggest that you buy through this site (and support the best mini-z site as well)

cheers le-manz

p.s. pardon my english, i'm danish so my spelling is a bit dodgy:D

2001.12.14, 01:38 PM

Thanks for your reply and the link.
It's a start! I'll also look around.
Another option is to perhaps contact a local RC shop and aks the staff if they don't mind spreading the word a little.

With me just moving to the Bristol area, I found only one hobby shop and it was a huge shop. Guess what? It sold clay, paint, brushes, plaster of Paris moulds and everything but RC! :(

Most frustrating, but hell, if takes me a lifetime, I'll race my Mini-Z, I'd even contemplate a trip to the U.S. just to compete at some club events. :) Just another excuse to visit a great Nation again!

Anyways le-manz, lets work on this!