View Full Version : Mini-zer from Sydney, Australia ???

2002.02.02, 03:24 PM
I'm looking for people from Sydney to start a mini racing club or meeting of some sort !!!
Just a question to all of those ppl out there who try to start a club, what do you think you will be using to count the laps ???

2002.02.11, 09:50 PM
I hope your club turns out well.

Canberra is DEAD!!!!

I had absolutly 1 response.

There are people around but.

But they all like playing with themselves!!!

I had to race with Micro RS4 Class.

Cant get the interest.

Maybe Sydney will be better.


2002.02.11, 10:45 PM
This may be a stupid question but....

Is there a Mini-Z scene in Brisbane? I'm going there next summer and I'm bringing my Mini-Z there. I'm there for three weeks, so I'm gonna hunt for a track or people with them to race with.

2002.02.12, 10:32 PM
Justin on this forum is in Brisbane.

Check in the club section