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2004.03.01, 11:35 AM
This past Saturday marked the first race of the 2nd series of 2004. The weather was amazing here, so I think some members were likely busy with a few other things, but all things considered, we had a good turn out.

MR-01, MR-02 and F1 open classes were run. This weekend was the Mickey and Mark show, as they dominated the field, I think Mickey took first in both. I may be mistaken there.

In the F1 class, Mark drove the f2002 ferrari to a victory, running foams all around. He was very consistent, and his times showed it. :)

I have pics of the RCP track configuration that we ran, and this layout was a very technical track. I will try to post the pic tonight.

I am not sure if Mike will have time to post the detailed results, but hopefully! ;)

2004.03.01, 12:05 PM
wish i could make it there more often;) sounds like fun and i would give you guys some practice avoiding traffic:p

i hope to see continued posting of race stats, pics and reviews!

btw, you should try mounds with the racers too (just not as high). it adds as much to the racers as it does for the overlands.

2004.03.01, 01:33 PM
So did you guys take the option on the RCP Track from the Cup Race? Cool! What lap counter are you using now? What I want to know is where are West.F1s lovely Write-Ups on MZR'ing?! West?! :p

2004.03.01, 01:46 PM
Originally posted by mini-z
So did you guys take the option on the RCP Track from the Cup Race? Cool! What lap counter are you using now? What I want to know is where are West.F1s lovely Write-Ups on MZR'ing?! West?! :p

I think Mike is keeping that Track if I am not mistaken, which will be VERY cool.

We are back to the Crotty Lap Timer that Mike bought over a year ago. That thing works very well, and we are using some new software now too that is really slick.

As far as West, Mini-z if you could motivate him to show up for our races, he may have some write ups. hehehehe.... Just kidding West... I know how tough it is...schedules are crazy these days. :)

Unfortunately he was unable to make this past weekends racing activities, but he will be running this Saturday hopefully.

Hey Mini-z...I am not sure if you saw my other post a while back. I was wondering how you like your sony laptop...saw it at the cup race, and I would love to get a laptop in the small form factor to carry with me for offloading the pics I snap. I hate lugging my full size laptop everywhere. Was curious what model you had, and how you like it?

2004.03.01, 01:56 PM
latency, I guess I missed that one - I have about half a dozen tiny laptops so would love to dicuss this - check out this pic/thread:


Do me a favor and post to that thread and I'll catch up w/ you there! :)

2004.03.02, 07:51 AM

bummer i couldn't make the first round but despite the hour drive to the race track, i do plan to make the remainder of the series so write ups are up and coming in due time. Kyle, any chance you can post the results of this weekend? or send me a link and i can post the results in the correct finishing order

as for the counter, i actually prefer the current system over the AMB. Something about dealing with those transponders... but thats just me. The flag system seems to work well.

Looking forward to a continued series for sure. Glad to hear that mike has considered keeping the track. It's all good

2004.03.02, 08:51 AM
west- what happened to the ohio cup race report?

2004.03.03, 03:06 PM
hi arch.

lemme just say that somewhere between two extremes (busy and lazy) i ended up abandoning the project. Good thing is though the pics by latency and the kyosho website as well as mike's link to the race results tell the story well without words.

i'll be putting up more reports in the future as our season at TTs unfolds.

2004.03.03, 03:54 PM

When you do write up, would you be also able to take picture of ppls car if they allow and their set up and sort of stuff. I really love to see other people's car...:D

2004.03.03, 03:59 PM
that's a good idea:D someone suggest this to paul as he's a local for the ny races.

2004.03.03, 08:28 PM
i always try to pattern my articles after real life race reports.

Details about drivers and their cars are usually done separately however secrecy among teams don't necessarily apply in the miniZ world.

anything is possible so i'll see what i can do:D