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2004.03.01, 10:57 PM
The final parts I was waiting for to complete the transformation of my FET Turbo'd MR-02 have just arrived from Japan and here from the Mini-Z Racer Shop:


Parts just installed included:

GPM rear alloy shock & mount

GPM alloy rear diferential

GPM titanium screws

Mini-Z Racer clear insulated antenna (Highly recommended)

For those just joining us, previous install included:

Clear Kyosho Skeleton Chassis

SI4562DY High Power MOSFET Chip X 4 Turbo Upgrade

PN-Racing S03 Pro Modified Motor

PN-Racing AAA batteries

GPM Height Adjustable Alloy Motor Mount

GPM Steering Plate 1 Degree Toe-In

GPM Alloy Front Knuckle Arm Set 1 Degree Camber

GPM Derlin Motor Gear

Full Bearings

GPM Alloy Lock Nuts

GPM Alloy Locking Plate

GPM Alloy Battery Covers

Enzo Wide Alloy Wheels by Square

F & R Atomic High Grip Racing tires

Carbon Fiber "H" plate

Currently it's sporting a stock yellow Enzo body, but that's just to throw off anyone thinking they are about to race a "plain" ol'e MR-02! Of course, the jig is usually up when the light turns green, then all they see is red, (from my tail-lights of course).

It's probably best if I don't think about how much I've invested in it so far! Ah, what the hell, you can't take it with you!


2004.03.02, 08:12 AM
Man that car ROCKS!!!!!!!!

I know you don't want to think about it, but I'm curious how much all of that cost you. I want to do the same to mine.

Would I suffer sticker shock if you told me?


2004.03.02, 08:49 AM
Man thats awesome! I bet that thing would fly.. did you install the turbo yourself? I'm interested in doing it myself, my dad has a teachers degree in welding and is a welding inspector so soldering is pretty easy for me and him...:) Are the points hard to get to and how small are they? Thanks!

2004.03.02, 09:59 AM
I can handle basic soldering tasks, but felt better about letting the "Pros" work on the FET upgrade. If I had to guess what the invested amount was, I'd estimate it at around $250 just in hop-ups. I guess that's not so bad after all!


2004.03.02, 03:55 PM
Sorry if I'm jacking your topic or anything, but can anyone describe to me where the fets are and what color they are? I wanna see if I can handle the job.

2004.03.02, 04:18 PM
They are under the board two small black chips behind a larger black block thing. At the rear of the board.

2004.03.02, 09:19 PM
fets guide 101


2004.03.10, 07:52 PM
sweet ride!, wicked. i thought the shop was out of clear chassis for mr-02?

2004.03.10, 08:05 PM
OK.......... I can't take it anymore........I gotta let everyone know. The sweet ride (pictured above) that buckaroobonsai built now belongs to me. It arrived on Monday and hasn't left my sight since. It is absolutely awesome. I'm so tickled I just had to tell someone.:D

Here are a couple of my pics of it.

2004.03.10, 09:21 PM
SOB, SOB, SOB... I really do miss it, but a mans' got to do, what a mans' got to do, and I needed the money! That's OK, I feel that it is in good hands with rlc77. Oh well, easy come. easy go...
As for the clear MR-02 skeleton chassis, I think I got it from a Hong Kong 'bay seller.


2004.03.11, 04:19 PM
man how much money u put into that car thats wicked awsome

2004.03.11, 05:03 PM
im shooting for the same chassis color theme only blue option parts u think that color comination would look good. and where did u get that motor mount at.