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2004.03.02, 08:06 AM
Hi all,

i just bought my first mini-z. It is a motul pitwork R34 skyline, it is the MR-02 RM platform. I was reading up on specs on the mm and now i am not sure if i made the right decision. I was choosing between the skyline and the diablo. Also i was wondering why my antenna is 30mm while the other cars are 15mm and 5mm for the enzo. does this mean mine doesnt work as well, and last question can rm's be modded to mm's? These might seem like dumb questions, but i am truly a beginner at this. so any kind of help would be useful. thanks

Mr. Furious
2004.03.02, 01:15 PM
Welcome aboard and prepare for addiction:D

Any Mini-z is the right decision! If you're like everyone else on here you'll wind up with quite a few in your collection so you can try the MM next time;)

Just kidding. You can mod your car to a MM configuration without too much effort or expense. You'd need a few parts but they are all available from Kyosho or the aftermarket guys and the stock parts are not expensive. But I'd run yours for awhile and wait to see if you really feel you need to make the change. Unless you wanted the Diablo or Enzo body style, you probably wouldn't think it was worth it except if you were only racing against MM cars.

The overall antenna length is the same for all the cars. The short measurements are how long the horizontal section of the antenna is before it bends to go up through the hole in the body. It's different for every car because the ideal location of the hole for the antenna is different in every body. The difference in height shouldn't make any difference for mini-z purposes. These cars are too small to see if you get them very far from you. I have an antenna that I broke 17mm off of trying to rebend it. I put another loop in it for the screw and bent it again. it still works fine with 17mm missing.

2004.03.03, 05:59 AM
Thanks man, you have put some of my concerns to rests, and you are totally right about this being addictive, i am going back to the hobby store tomorrow to check out parts. again thanks for all your help.

its funny tho, even though i am in Japan, parts dont seem to be that easy to find.

2004.03.03, 06:03 AM
here is a pic of my bone stock skyline, right out of the box. tell me what you think, and i should do to it. thanks for lookin

Mr. Furious
2004.03.03, 07:33 AM
No problem. Glad I could help. I does seem that lots of the GPM parts and other Hong Kong aftermarket stuff is way hard to find in Japan. If you want GPM stuff and other goodies look here in the shop. I think they are pretty agreeable to overseas shipping as long as arrangements are made in advance.

If you want to get some cool Square stuff and other hard to find Mini-z gear in Japan look up my main man BITHED at panic toys. E-mail him at:


He is very cool to chat with and will get you what you need or kill himself trying. Shipping and customs issues are out of the picture too because he is in Japan also.

Support the shop here at www.mini-zracer.com but look up BITHED too and tell him Chris the helicopter guy sent you. Whole new worlds will open up to you. :cool:

2004.03.03, 12:25 PM
Oh my, the new skyline looks very good...:eek:

Mr. Furious
2004.03.04, 04:12 AM
Just wanted to let you know BITHED won't have e-mail access for about a week starting today. If you try to get in touch with him it may take until late next week for him to get back. Just FYI to avoid confusion and frustration:)

BTW: That new Skyline is rather hot...................

2004.03.04, 07:30 AM
Thanks dude, i will do that.