View Full Version : z-130-a-bb

McLaren F1 T3
2004.03.03, 09:38 PM
after all the hype about the Mzr.com a-BB motor, i finnaly picked myself up one a couple days ago. It arrived today, as well as a enduro bearing set and a decal set. I was very suprised at the poor soldering job on it, since i spent 20 dollars on it. Also, the AUDLEY bearing can was a total minus, i thought the can would be awesome because it was BB, but nope, it was a total failure. It lacked QC (didn't fit right, even with adjustments) and it just performed poorly when in my 01, 02 or OL. I ran into my box, and took out a old PN-racing Ball bearing can, installed that using the brushes and seems like it will be pretty smooth. Need to solder on the wires and solder on the cap's. Not satisfied with the original motor at all.
on a 1-10 scale, i would give this motor, because of its poor soldering, and cheap QC audley BB can, a 6.5/10 edit::, i have also used many MZR.com products including there dry bearing set, antenna set, decal set, and tires sets.