View Full Version : Thank You!!!!

2004.03.04, 05:02 PM
YA!!!!!i got my mini-z for my b-day! i was begging and begging my mom to get one and i only told her to shop here and she did!:D she told me that the first one they sent me was the wrong one and she sent it back. then she paid half of the shipping so i would be at my house before my b-day.... and i got it! march 3rd...:D im going to be buying alot of things from here....she also said thank you and you guys have alot of customer support:) . i got $130 for my b-day so getting another mini-z from here might just be possible..:D (or just a hella lota parts:D )

2004.03.12, 04:48 PM
kool i also got my mini-z first one