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2004.03.09, 07:48 PM
i dont know if this is a thread already but i got my mini-z yeah it rocks. im so happy, but i hav 60 bucks to put into it. ive been looking at ******.com at the supension side stuff watever its called and im jus confused. cause the moter mount i want has a diangial bar in front going up and connects to the v like plastic. someone help or can u give me a link or picture of what i need for better handling supension wise. i got a big headache. if u dont under stand a thing i jus said im me at= athr90 thnx

2004.03.09, 07:51 PM
the ****** thing means R C M A R T .com

2004.03.09, 09:09 PM
Oh man, I got a headache too after reading your post...:(

2004.03.09, 10:46 PM
there are two kinds of motor mounts available for the mr2 and you're probably looking at the adjustable motor mount versus the standard alloy replacement motor mount.

the adjustable one is meant for motors that have screw holes and has a 'sliding' type clip i believe. Certain mod motors have two screw holes for securing them down.

The standard alloy replacement mount looks like your stock mount and are for motors that don't have screw holes. The motor is secured by the stock (or alloy) motor mount clip.

Hope this helps

2004.03.10, 06:41 AM
where can I get the replacement motor mount?

2004.03.10, 07:09 AM
where can I get the replacement motor mount?

the Shop here can help you. The one i have is by GPM. You can also try your local hobby store if need be.

2004.03.10, 03:33 PM
hey west f1 can u give me a link to that mount ur talking bout. im gonna buy it. and a side supension link. thnx and one more question. is ordering from r c m a r t .com

2004.03.10, 03:34 PM
is this wat ur talking bout west f1

http://www.**********.com/view_ProductDetail.asp?MZS_ref=3%2F9%2F2004+9%3A03 %3A19+PM&pID=564

2004.03.10, 03:35 PM
its at mini-zshop the blue moter mount for mr2

2004.03.10, 03:36 PM
!@#$% i mean mini-z store .com

2004.03.10, 04:33 PM
last question. wat is the telascopic antenna. i saw it at ******.com it looked pretty cool is it better than the stock?

2004.03.10, 06:47 PM
the mount i have is item number MZS512

i can't answer on the telescoping antenna as i've never had one. However i used to have the short antenna with ball tip. Wasn't good on reception and can't use it in racing so no longer use it.

2004.03.10, 07:04 PM
aww thnx for the info im jus gonna order one of ****** .com and hope the one i want is the right one. peace out!!