View Full Version : thrashed wrx

2004.03.10, 01:00 PM
its been some time since i posted or even read these forums but finally i get to share my mini-z with all of you!!

..and to think that this once looked shiny and new :p

2004.03.10, 06:56 PM
I try to stay away from black cars because I have problems seeing them on the "black" track. Now, I just get all the yellow ones mixed up. :mad:

2004.03.10, 11:36 PM
I had big plans for my mini-z when i first got it. I was suitably inspired by some of the custom work done by members of this forum and the like.

I wasnt too sure on the black either when i first got it but the guy at my LHS kept telling me it was a limited edition and so *shrugs* i fell for it and bought one. My other choices were a silver skyline or a green beetle, and well the black wrx won the battle :P

As for seeing it on the track, you'd be surprised at how well those red "GT" stripes make it stand out. It has decals on the rear spoiler, bumper and window that helps too.

The WRX is relatively stock compared to other forum users setups. Its got an x-speed motor with 9 tooth pinion, gunmetal ball diff and bearings, rear shock with soft spring, gunmetal alloy motor pod, hard springs in the front, soft CF h-plate in the rear, red alloy locknuts, and powering the whole lot are 4 x sanyo twicell 700mah NiMH batteries. The 10 spoke rims come from the lancer wrc and I'm running soft compound rubbers on both the front and rears (i think they're all 20s).

Its also got a grand total of 10 LEDs - 8 x 5mm super bright white neons, 4 front and 4 rear, and 4 x 3mm yellow/orange "indicators", 1 on each corner :)

2004.03.11, 02:30 AM
With all those LEDs, I could probaby see it on a black track. I do get a kick out of running my MMT and Mini-T at night with the LEDs. Of course, the "FM" Mini-T far exceeds the range and speed of my MMT.