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2002.02.03, 01:59 PM
People beware~!!!!! What you're about to see is Nissan's new prototype of the Skyline R35..... Looks like a square version of the Audi TT to me... This car SERIOUSLY needs to be redone. People - post your opinions of this shocking piece of work from Nissan....... :mad:

2002.02.03, 02:07 PM
Say it isnt so...

2002.02.03, 02:08 PM
Wow, it looks like soemone took the model for the R34 Skyline and the model for the Z Concept, put them on top of each other and stuck it in a microwave.

Ken Mifune
2002.02.03, 02:16 PM
I like it.
Change the headlight openings (reminds me of Cadillac) and it would look even better.
It also looks like a concept model. The bumpers are too flush so things are bound to change.
Is there a shot of the back?

2002.02.03, 02:27 PM

you're right - this is a prototype model of the R35. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the back of the car. The only thing I can say so far is that this car will definately need changes before it hits the markets.

For the other readers of this post - this IS Nissan's new prototype and they plan to produce this car later this year if all goes well. I too hope this isn't the car they are going to make to replace the R34, since the R34 and the R33 and R32 are really really nice cars and then they come up with something this ugly... The designers at Nissan seriously need to get this car redone before it goes to production.

If anyone can get a photo of the rear of the car - it would be greatly appreciated. Please post it.

Cheers~! :D

2002.02.03, 03:02 PM
my uncle work for nissian in japan said that, they just made it made up for those people who wont to see the new Skyline and also get rid off all those people who come in every day just to see the design of it, he said that it well change to something like the R34 but with alot of stuff done to it, so it wont look like that at all.

2002.02.03, 03:03 PM
Could it be that they have intentionally altered the looks?

"Spy shots" of a lot of the U.S. car makers cars have funky bumpers and sheet metal added to throw-off the public. JMO.

Let's hope there is some reasoning.:cool:

2002.02.04, 01:25 PM
The R34 isn't imported in Holland (not in any left-hand-drive country for that matter),
I hope that will stay this way for the R35.

Boy, that thing is ugly.:mad:

2002.02.04, 01:36 PM
Looks like an audi A4 that has crashed into a wall.

Ken Mifune
2002.02.04, 01:39 PM
I never really liked the styling of the R34.
The front doesn't match the back. It look's like two different cars.
This is mostly due to the fenders not coinciding with the quarter panels(rear fenders).
And the over-hangs are too long.

2002.02.04, 01:48 PM
i know its just a concept car, but it fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. then the ugly tree fell over on it and caught on fire.

2002.02.04, 01:51 PM
ha ha - ugly tree

ya , and why does it seem inevitable that all cars will eventually morph into an audi TT look

Ken Mifune
2002.02.04, 01:56 PM
Heh heh, I'll keep track of who's knocking it. Then, when it comes on the scene and (if) it start's kicking some major ASS we'll see who changes their tune.

I guess my tastes are just different.

I don't think it looks "Audi-ish" not even "TT-ish". (I don't like the TT's styling either, but I got a TT Autoscale as a gift. Huge drag.)

2002.02.04, 04:48 PM
Must k-rad cars are ugly.
Think of the Lancer, Impreza and so on...
Most of them are based on standard cars which mostly aren't all to goodlooking and get lots of spoilers added to them which doesn't help much.

But I rather drive a great driving-car than a ricey-boy-car :)

2002.02.04, 06:17 PM
ken, i wasnt tryin to offend. JMHO. no hard feelings? 'sides, i dont know crap about how it drives.

2002.02.04, 08:36 PM
this car is really... uh... "weird?" is that the word i'm looking for? hmmm.... anyhoo, kinda looks like the Z concept.... except the front's changed a little.... I always liked Nissan, but I didn't expect them to run out of creativity like this.... Especially the Skyline series.... Oh well, compare the R-35 with the pic attached.... Tell me if you think it's similar.....

Ken Mifune
2002.02.05, 12:43 AM
I prefer the R35 well over the Z concept. There are similarities but the subtleties make all the difference.

wrcracer, I wasn't taking offense. 'just stating my likes & dislikes.

Race on...

2002.02.05, 01:03 AM
if i was the designer of either the R35, Z or TT i'd be reconsidering my career path pretty darn quickly :P

why car manufacturers feel they need to radically alter a cars looks when they bring out a new model i do not know.. i'd rather they left the looks and put all their effort into the performance and handling of a new model.

I think i'd like see a combination of the Z and the R35.. ie whack the front bumper area of the R35 onto the Z (leaving the Z's headlights) and you'd have something that at least deserved to be on the roads :P

2002.02.05, 02:01 PM
On a related note, we just got word from Squat that they are making an R35 shell - currently only for Micro RS4, but still, ... ?! :eek:

2002.02.07, 12:29 AM
now this skyline r-35 is a looker, i love this thing, most of you may have seen it,it is a relief that it is the real r-35 pweeew i knew i was!

2002.02.07, 12:30 AM
another pic

2002.02.07, 12:30 AM
last one

man that car is sweet! :D

2002.02.07, 02:08 AM
You want pics of the rear? go HERE!


same circle lights.....

2002.02.07, 02:09 AM
hm.......just copy and paste the URL...........

2002.02.07, 02:21 AM
Strider-, actually the lights are swapped (larger on inside vs. outside) but it certainly does look more related from the rear.

2002.02.07, 03:03 AM
look at it again.......the outside lights are larger......just like the old one.....

2002.02.07, 06:54 AM
Now that's a skyline...

2002.02.07, 10:44 AM
That's a Nissan SkyLine awlright, dawg !!

The front still doesn't match the rear...

2002.02.07, 12:47 PM
Strider-, I meant vs. the concept.

2002.02.07, 06:15 PM

2002.02.07, 06:25 PM
I'm sorry about coming in so late but is it me? Or is Plastic X's picture of the R-35's front view looks like the older model of the Mustang (1994 model)? If you take a quick glance at it, I mean... Why are they remodeling the Skyline anyway? It's sweet as it is... I don't think they should try to make it look round since they have already got the 350Z. They should keep it looking kinda boxy like before, to me that makes the car look more intimidating...

Que? :confused: ,

2004.11.19, 08:15 PM
nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo :( why ! man i cant belive that thay made the skyline in to THIS! :mad: why i mean they could have cange the front to much? they could have the same lights! :mad:

mini-z racing
2004.11.19, 10:54 PM
HaHaHaHa, so who here is going to get one?

2004.11.20, 12:24 AM
A rendering in one of the car mags it looked like a 350Z with an R34 grill stuck to the front of the hood. With all the different pics it can be up in the air far as what it will look like.

2004.11.20, 04:54 PM
When has a Skyline EVER looked good?

2004.11.21, 12:38 AM
My mom has an '04 Impala, Everytime I look at it I see the basic Skyline shape. Sometimes I see an R32, and other times I see an R34. The headlights look almost like an R33.

And yea, this is another old thread.

2007.06.29, 07:58 PM
I decided to bump this thread instead of making another, so sorry if you disagree.
Here's why, some interesting vids of the GT-R in action at the Nurb (Nürburgring)!
Twin Turbo VQ anyone? I never really liked the concept, but this vid makes it grow on me!

BTW Hammer, I hate seeing Impala taillights, because they make me see a Skyline haha.

2007.06.30, 12:32 AM
Man, that's from three years ago.

It's not just the headlights that get me, also the shape of the body from the rear. Makes the '04 Impala look that way as well. It look's too much like GM could have just hung the Impala's skin on an older Skyline and make it RWD.

Here's some shots of my mom's car.

2007.06.30, 02:39 AM
What's from 3 years ago? The vids?

2007.06.30, 04:02 AM
This thread.

Any links?

2007.06.30, 01:03 PM
wow. forgot the link. lemme dig that up.
post edited: here ya go!