View Full Version : Local track at S.J.Madeira(Portugal)

2004.03.10, 06:17 PM
This is the track were i run my Zīs. Itīs a good track, the only thing i donīt like is to make about 70km every time i want to go there!:D

2004.03.10, 08:08 PM
WOW! that's a nice one. Looks like a carpet track that you just unroll and bingo.. instant track layout.

i feel your situation on the drive. Takes me an hour one way to the hobby store. Well worth the trip though when you leave knowing you had a blast racing:D

2004.03.10, 08:15 PM
Some RCP rails around that track would look nice. I'm pretty lucky since I'm about 30 minutes from the Mini-Z track when the traffic is nice to me. Others are just a few minutes, but others I know are farther away--I just don't see them as often.

2004.03.10, 11:43 PM
that's one mean track... what surface did you use?
and what are the usual rates over there? how is mini-z doing in portugal?

2004.03.11, 07:35 AM
Thanks guys! The material they use was carpet and the side walls are in round 20mm plastic tube.
Here in Portugal are very good mini-z racers that take the Zīs very siriously but there is a lack of interest from the hobbyshops, adding to this it cost alot of money to have a shop with a track in side!
There are many people here that have mini-zīs to play around the living room and donīt care about any track or upgrade!

Bottom line is: "WE HAVE TO LOVE IT TO RACE IT".