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2004.03.12, 05:47 AM
The MR01 F40.

Atomic Tires
M'z stock motor in a Squat BB Case
3x2 7389 Fets done by me
Mini-ZRacer Dry Bearings
MR01F rear pod and MR02 ball diff.
Few other odds and ends.

2004.03.12, 05:50 AM
The MR015 Supra. I still have to update the pic's.

Originaly an 01 that has been redone as an MR015
Megatech rear pod
Megatech 12 ball diff
Megatech pinion
Kyosho NSX offset five spoke gunmetal alloys
Atomic tires
Old X-speed motor
Kyosho Delrin servo gears
Kyosho Clear chassis/w Blue screws
Mini-ZRacer Dry Bearings
Reversed servo for the MR02 chassis
Hand cut T-plate by me, from a "Make Your Own Kit" from the shop here
The original Skyline body see below, was replaced with a 2002 JGTC Supra body painted Candie Green over Gold Leaf by me.

2004.03.12, 05:55 AM
Frank-N-SKY, MR02MM Skyline. I still have to update the pic's
Mini-ZRacer Enduro's, I thought I'd try them may go to the dry's later;)
Kyosho MR02 Ball diff
Kyosho Delrin servo gears
Kyosho Clear chassis/w Red screws
Kyosho twelve spoke gunmetal alloys
Again Atomic tires, what can I say they work right for me :cool:
What can I say, the only thing here from a readyset is the body that I modified myself to fit an MR02 MM chassis. Stay tuned for updates on this one. The chassis I built up at the same time as the Supra chassis above. To sum it up, it's my newest chassis with my oldest body on it.

The board came in from the MZR shop and in two hours I have number 3 up and chasing my dog around the house. Frank-N-SKY is ALIVE.....

2004.03.17, 07:53 AM
It would be SO cool seing bigger pictures of that Skyline! -nice bodywork!

And in general a cool garage you've got there!

2004.03.18, 07:34 AM
Thanks, I wish I had a better camera to take more detailed shots with.

2004.03.31, 11:08 PM
**see coments below

2004.03.31, 11:09 PM

please keep the posts to a reasonable length and do not fill up pages like that....

2004.03.31, 11:10 PM
again, i don't think that was necessary to get your point across. i appreciate the enthusiasim but please don't fill up pages, it just makes for alot of junk to scroll thru


2004.09.01, 04:42 PM
Monster AE Chrome body, pics to come later.

Kyosho Type Two body, to save the Chrome one.
Kyosho Clear servo case
Kyosho Clear main chassis
Blue screw set, to go with the blue wheel nuts of course.
GPM five spoke wheels
GPM rain groove tires
MZR insulated antenna
Old and new "Dirty Pair" decals be me
I am slowly working on my parts stock on this one.

2005.06.11, 02:46 AM
There are some new additions added to the Hammer Z Racing garage.

1. A second Monster built from parts I had around, I dubbed it "Recycler" from the old ZZ Top album.

2. I now have an Overland in the house, it's stock right now, till my package from the shop arrives soon.

Pictures to come later, I may just have to set up an album here.

2005.06.11, 09:06 AM
please do setup an album ;)

it makes it soo much easier than going back thru a ton of threads fro attachements

2005.06.11, 05:27 PM
I will send you an email as soon as I get my pictures developed. I am using a one time use camera instead of that crappy computer cam, so the quality should be better I hope.

2005.06.11, 05:54 PM
i posted a link below to the new gallery site which all existing will migrate to. you no longer need to email the gallery on the new site. simply login as you would the forum and you can manage your own album. this only applies if you do not have an album already though.

2005.06.11, 07:05 PM

I have added a few to it, more to come.

2005.06.11, 07:48 PM

I have added a few to it, more to come.
very nice dude i wish i was brave and had talent you have

2005.06.11, 08:58 PM
very nice dude i wish i was brave and had talent you have

Thanks, I wish I had as many Z's as you do. I try different things all the time, when I have time. I may have to add a custom work album for my side projects.

2005.06.11, 10:28 PM
NICE, im digging the supra and skyline.

2005.06.11, 11:15 PM
The Skyline was actually my first Mini Z readyset, a real Kyosho body, not an Iwaver or hei pao. The Supra was the body I got to replace the skyline with, then I modded the Skyline for the MR02 MM setup it is a tight fit. I don't trust it to race with because the wheels stick out just enough to be knocked around.

2005.06.20, 11:53 PM
Hummer H1 and the Recycler Monster added to my gallery.