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2004.03.22, 12:00 PM
The results have been posted for the Mini Z Cup on the CP Mini Raceway web site. To make it easy for all of you just click here (http://www.miniraceway.com/Cup04/Results.htm)

2004.06.07, 09:16 AM
nice posting! it's hard to believe they have a website but no email! what company doesn't use email these days? it's much better than paying long distance fee's to call to order stuff or for the registering etc.

i hope you guys host a regional again next year as i plan on attending this time ;) this year, being the first time for me, was a bit chaotic in terms of planning/travel to make the va and ohio regionals. it is great to meet so many people though. also amazing that no matter where you go, there are always mzr members too :D

2004.06.07, 11:48 AM
From what I heard, they will host another cup race. Also, they now have the RCP tracks down. Still ahve the ole rails so the F1's and other cars don't get hung up like a normal RCP track but the traction is so much better!

2004.06.07, 11:50 AM
hey dude do u no where i can get some good quality video clipson the net?and if u recomended building a track wut materials would be cheap and easy to maintain and not pemanant like in my garage cuz my mom parks her car there but when she works summer time i use it and recomending?

What kind of clips?

cheap would be just getting your ordinary garden hose and lay out a track in the garage. Need to make sure the floor is clean for better traction AND you mom would like to see you doing more cleaning! :p ;)

2004.06.09, 02:50 PM
where is this track located anyway?
I know its in NY but where cuz there are no tracks near me(staten island)

2004.06.09, 03:16 PM
It would be a 2+ hr drive for you from Staten island. It is north of Albany in Clifton Park. Exit 9 of I-87. south of Saratoga. Actually just about right in between Albany and Saratoga.

2004.06.09, 09:54 PM
wow :eek:

well got some really good new though
while my dad was reading the paper he read that a local dude opened up a track
like 5 blocks away from me literally.
man i cant wait im goin there this saturday and i might be buying a supra there :)

2005.08.10, 04:04 PM
Any word if Eric found a new shop?