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kt kong
2004.03.23, 11:06 AM
Dear Mini-Z Lovers,

Dream Mini-Z Racing Club,

With F1 and Racer circuit, complete with sorround sound for race music, overland and mad force trail track. Member's area with lots of f&b, mags, ps2 and cable tv for espn and dvd movies.

Transponderless arc lap timing system and real time race bulletin

Race crew for race marshalling and circuit management.

Cool blue lighted mini-z showroom and mirror panelling.

for relaxation after racing, thai spa and massage just across the street. only usd18.00 for 1 hour of massage and unlimited spa time.

You will be so pampered! wanna come?

**link removed. if i see this type of stuff again you will be banned f o r e v e r**

2004.04.08, 12:00 AM
hey i came from indonesia
do you also handle parts and acc for miniz ?
it's just closer to get from . . . :)

kt kong
2004.04.08, 02:55 AM
yes we do, we have pn racing motors and parts, 3racing hop-ups for miniz mr01, mr02, f1 and monster truck and kyosho parts. email us at info@fairparkrc if you need anything mini-z.

2004.04.18, 03:49 PM
wonderful track! beautiful girls too!
If i will ever come in Malaysia (far away...i live in Italy) i bring with me my mini z!
Beautiful Ferrari logo!
Forza Ferrari!

good bye

2006.03.15, 09:32 PM
yoz!!!!!...singaporean here...care to share??????

2006.03.16, 09:06 AM
was in malaysia in feb... couldn't find a track... maybe i'm just blind...

2006.03.18, 05:41 AM
it's a joke or what ? the website is a porn website :mad:

2006.03.18, 10:38 PM
hey u sick....u r a pervert...post porn site on forum....pls mind the rules....u r a disgrace to asia ppl :mad: :mad: