View Full Version : Porta-Trax New Products at East Coast Hobby Show

2004.03.24, 10:24 AM
For those of you attending the East Coast Hobby Show in Philidelphia this weekend, Porta-TRax will have a three track display that you are welcome to drive on for free!

Besides our 28x10 Prestige F1 Mini-Z track, there's the new Mini-Z Monster Track with rolling log bridge, gravel pit and some wicked jumps. We'll also have our newest MicroSizer track, soon to be kitted @$149 ... see the pictures.

Hope to see some Mini-Z forum regulars out there. -Lorne

Ken Mifune
2004.03.24, 10:49 AM
lorne, good looking track. How do the F1s handle those banked turns?

2004.03.24, 01:01 PM
that looks neet. a little too tight for my xmods and f1. can Iyou change the layout with this track or is does it come only this way. I think it would be cool to race some 1/64 scale cars on. Is this track mostly for the smaller 1/64 size cars.
that one bank turn on the left seems to be creesed at the start and end of the trun. how smoth is that transition and will the f1 front wing bottom out on it.
where in philidelphia is this show. I have not seen any advertisements for this show. Is it a toy show.

2004.03.24, 01:14 PM
Unfortunately it would be a 7 hr (un-planned) one way trip.

However a write up (with pics) of the event would be worthwhile reading about.