View Full Version : Draconious RC Track - Finaly!!!

2004.03.25, 02:08 PM
Its not up and runnable yet, but I ordered the 12" tiles I needed... 216 of them lol... more than enough to make a large track... its only been 4 years of many many designs, and concepts, and looking for CHEAP low cost parts...

My most likely layouts can be seen on my tracks page...


The only problem I have now.. is no were to set it up :).
And still working on a lap counter... was hoping that LapZ would be out in US by now... but guess I gota use something else.

Track is in Michigan area, north of detroit, so if anyone has the space to hold an event or run a race... I can supply the track...

30x30' area is desired, but I can cram it in a smaller space, by shifting the layout...

Cant wait for the tiles to get here, so I can start cutting and glueing them the way I want them :).

Capt. Oversteer
2004.03.25, 02:17 PM
Cool track layouts!!!!!! Too bad i have to work weekends since that is more than likely when you will have the one day events. I would be there to race, or should I say "oversteer" haha. That would only be about a 2 hour drive for me

2004.03.25, 02:39 PM
I dont work at all... so any day is good for me lol...

2 hrs? grand rap to utica.... maybe if you go about 98mph... :D
Its about 2 hrs for me just to get to Lansing (half way)...

Ive no were to set it up here, so dont realy matter... I plan to lug it around in my pickup truck as a mobile track lol...

2004.03.31, 07:21 PM
sweet layouts

2004.04.01, 04:39 AM
hey drac.... what's with the right most track... looks like an over ramp... cool...

2004.04.01, 08:10 AM
Yea it was supose to be... but I will have to dump that track concept the tiles I got were way way too soft... and too thin to realy prop them up as a bridge with out glueing a few together... so ill be stuck to hard floors only... no grass or anythign with these ... they are thinner than the walmart/pepboy tiles etc... and when stepped on they sorta squish too much lol... (so if any one gets tiles make sure they are at least .5" thick, these were only 3/8" lol). They work fine on hard floors though... and man I realy gota play with the tire combinations, you can realy see a difference from the 20 30 40 50 60 etc... :)

2004.04.10, 10:52 PM
All traction problems with EVA faom can be solved by using foam tires!

2004.04.11, 12:18 AM
Actually, the best tires I've found for use on the foam tiles is the Xmod soft tires. I've even tried the Ultra Soft foams from the shop here and I like the Xmod tires better.


2004.04.13, 11:49 AM
Drac, do you have any pics of the tiles/actual track?

2004.04.13, 01:02 PM
So far I aint even opened one box of tiles lol... and the other box I got, still has 80% of them in shrink wrap... I just took a few out and made a "tarmac" in the living room to skid around on... and skid I did ;) very odd traction... stock tires suck, like on ice, but turning the front tires inside out, made it grip way too much lol... (was like a razor edge into the tile with the corner of the tire)... any way thats about all I have done... other hten glue one straight away section together... what is delaying me is I bought a large astro turf carpet mat thing to use for grass, and I've no clue how to cut out the radius parts I want... they are too big etc... need to use up every inch of this grass matt or ill run out... gota cut it out using maximum space... also have no room to cut it out lol.. need to open the whole grass matt out and trase the sections I need on the back side and then cut them out I guess...

I guess I am also holding off cutting the tiles till I decide on what I will use for walls (have a few things I chose, just dont know wich I prefer)... if I cut them now and chose the other one, then ill have to start over. what I need is some realy cheap strips of this foam... just surplus over cuts or something...

any way I guess I can fudge a photo of the one straightaway I did... wont be much of a photo lol... basicly looks like my renders, only real. ;).

2004.04.13, 06:57 PM
Well its a good thing that you have actually got a track started. Now you can be another tester to see what things handle best. Do you have any close ups of the tile suface?

2004.04.13, 07:46 PM
its basicly a softer version of the RCP tiles... the side with out the traction layer... issues with camera right now... (its being used lol)

2004.04.16, 01:52 AM
Photos of the only "piece" I made so far, and even it is not assembled, just set-together sorta for photos ;)