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2004.03.26, 10:27 AM
What are you guys using to generate the rendered track images ? Is there some software out there like Trackmaker especially for RCP ? Or are you using lightwave/3D Max etc ?

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2004.03.26, 10:58 AM
They are just using the professional cad/3d rendering programs like 3d studio, autocad, lightwave etc...

Mine were done in autocad...


2004.03.26, 11:24 AM
Cheers Drac - I was hoping someone had coded something up but I'll just have to use pen and paper :)

Ken Mifune
2004.03.26, 12:42 PM
I use 3dsMax or Viz. I don't have any trackmaker software but there's only 5 different RCP tiles(+3 to include the Narrow) so I just group them together and slide them into place. Setting up a grid based on the tile size and then snapping to the grid points makes it a little easier. When the course is finished I place the FinishLine where I want. Changing materials is relatively easy also so I can show OnRoad or OffRoad colors for the same layout. Ramps, banks and bumps are tricky so I haven't done much of that.

2004.03.26, 12:43 PM
There was a time were I was doing cad sketches (but not in 3d) for those who gave me their room dimensions... but I dont have the RCP track in 3D cuz I dont realy intend to use it... so it would depend what u build the track out of I guess...

2005.06.28, 03:49 PM
i'm trying to do some quick drawings, does anyone know the exact thickness of the 50cm tiles and the rails as well as the width of the rails?

2005.06.28, 04:20 PM
Here's what I drew for the Wide "L".

2005.06.28, 04:29 PM
Overall width... outside of rail, to outside of rail is 37 15/16",
two parallel lanes have a consistent separation of 2 1/8".

(yes... this is what happens to insomniacs...)

2005.06.28, 08:10 PM
exactly what i was looking for