View Full Version : Tom Thumb Open Practice

2004.03.27, 08:23 PM
With some issues arising with Mikes lap timer, today was simply an open practice day. It actually worked out better for me, as it allowed me the entire day to get laps in on all three classes, box stock, mod mr01 and mod mr02. I was also able to try some new tire combinations I have been wanting to try.

Today the setup was both technical and very fast. With 3 sections of straight, it really allowed us to work on cornering without the dreaded traction roll on the 01's. The Enzo's of course, had no problems with that. ;)

Here is the pic. The "infield" section had a great rhythm to it, was a really fun track.


Last race of the series is scheduled for next Saturday. Can't wait.


2004.03.27, 08:36 PM
so what were the tire combinations you tired and how did they work?

2004.03.28, 12:47 AM
That looks like one extremely fast track with a small break from wide-open throttle.

2004.03.28, 07:03 AM
I'll be there for sure for the series finale.

nice track layout. we should use the same next weekend

2004.04.29, 04:26 PM
im finnaly off on a weekend and am willing to make the trip from cinci to come up and race any body gonna be running their cars this weekend up there