View Full Version : Drifting Mini Zs?

2002.02.04, 11:34 PM
Is it actually possible to drift Mini Zs like Initial D style?

2002.02.04, 11:37 PM
go to my site, link is at the bottom of my post...go to the videos section, and it should be the 2nd video from the top...it's my drifting video...check it out....

2002.02.05, 12:29 AM
hey russ...

cool video... liked the music from hardknox as well...

checked out your other video's at the skatepark as well... cool :D

2002.02.05, 08:53 AM
Thanx!! The drifting video was my first attempt at digital merging/editing/cutting. The Skatepark Highlight video process came to me a little better. Thanks though, means alot!!!

2002.02.05, 09:49 AM
hey, try my site the movies section..... it's a 6mb movie with no sound, but you can see some pretty cool drifting moves....

2002.02.07, 10:03 PM
Do you guys use certain drift setups?

2002.02.07, 10:19 PM
well, not really. The car in my video was just a plain-stock mini-z. I've drifted my hopped-up Z, and it has a little bit more control, but probably mostly due to the softer tires.

Learn it stock first, then build your skills as you build your Z :)

2002.02.07, 10:27 PM
i agree with russ...

2002.02.09, 10:53 PM
Sounds very cool.

Another question: What is the ideal terrain (or conditions) to drift a mini Z? What kind of floor? And will hard tires on linoleum give some good drifting?

2002.02.09, 11:02 PM
So far, the best luck I've had is on my hardwood floor, but it's not very slick. It's pretty old polyurethane, so it's worn down quite a bit. I used stock, crappy hard kyosho tires too.

2002.02.14, 09:30 PM
I was talking with a friend who knows a lot about cars. In real world drifting, apparently it's easy to induce drift with RR (Rear engine, rear wheel drive) cars.

The Mini Z is RR, right? Does that mean it's easy to induce drift?

2002.02.14, 10:58 PM
dugrant153, it's pretty easy with sufficiently bad tires. With practice, I think FR/MR/RR drift are all pretty easy to achieve. For some seriously cool 4WD drift, take a look at our sister site:


2002.02.15, 01:09 AM
Originally posted by dugrant153
RR (Rear engine, rear wheel drive) cars.

Porsche,need I say more......:D:D :D

2002.02.25, 09:10 PM

I've taken a look at how that Micro RS4 drifts... but that's an AWD car.

The Mini Z is a RWD... how would you begin to induce drift? (Holding it will take practice, for sure).

2002.02.25, 09:14 PM
if u want to drift the Z, u just steer hard in the direction u wanna turn, then when u see the rear lean out, counter steer and ease off the throttle.... make sure that you're on a lower friction surface such as hardwood floor..... if you master it, you can make it drift really nicely and hold it for a while.....

oh, and if you want a drift pic, look at my website in the pictures and movies section.... the top pic is a drift pic. (I appologize for the bad bad bad bad quality....)

BTW, E-mail me if you want the movie.....