View Full Version : My G'ZOX-R is for sale!!

2004.03.29, 05:08 PM
OK guys- I got out of Mini-Z and crossed over into the world of 1/18th racing. I'm selling my heavily modified MR-02 G'ZOX-R on the World's Biggest Internet Auction Site (hint, hint). My user ID is "GZOX1". Just do a search for that. Heres a pic, you really should check it out cause its an amazing car that I spent WAY too much time building.

This is all the optional parts I installed on it:

Genuine Kyosho parts:

Mini-Z MR-02 G'ZOX 2003 NSX GT Ready-set= $130.00 (body shell is in perfect condition and has the light set installed)

Extra G'ZOX body shell= $25.00 (has a few scratches, I reccommend you use it for racing or practice)

Accessory light set 2= $25.00

MR-02 Aluminum ball differential= $40.00

Front spring set= $6.00

RM chassis Carbon H-plate set= $6.00

X-speed motor= $15.00

Steel steering pins= $6.00

Inner antenna= $10.00

Squat Racing:

Full bearing set= $25.00

Bearing motor can= $10.00

Soft foam tires, front and rear= $10.00

Neo motor magnets= $5.00

Square Racing:

Titanium Differential shaft= $18.00

Custom fitted Inch-Up BBS style silver alloy wheels with zero offsets, 8.5 MM front, 11 MM width rear= $30.00

GPM Racing:

Rear grease filled black alloy shock= $7.00

Full titanium screw set= $5.00

Delrin pinion set= $6.00

Black aluminum wheel nuts= $3.00

Soft rubber tires, front and rear= $11.00


Spring antenna= $3.00

Thats over $400.00 I've spent on it. Nows your chance to own this thing!

2004.03.29, 07:07 PM
What is your price and do you accept Paypal?

2004.03.29, 07:37 PM
the opening bid is only $129.00, and yes I accept Paypal.

2004.03.30, 06:19 AM
Extra G'ZOX body shell= $25.00 (has a few scratches, I reccommend you use it for racing or practice)

you willing to part out. I'd be interested in that spare body shell.

2004.03.30, 02:10 PM
its all part of the auction... so if you want it you'd have to buy the whole thing.

2004.03.30, 05:42 PM
wow thats a good deal but i already hav a gzox

2004.03.30, 06:06 PM
if i were u i will keep it and save it for when id hav kidsbut thats jus my opinion

2004.03.30, 07:44 PM
could we get a pick of chassis?????

2004.03.30, 07:51 PM
theres not too much to see on the chassis- its the standard one with the exception of the titanium screws, the Kyosho diff., the black grease shock and the carbon h-plate. thats really the only things that are noticable on the chassis that are different than stock.

2004.04.02, 03:31 PM
o ok

2004.04.02, 03:32 PM
and do u know where i can find some blue allow rims for rm chassis??

2004.04.02, 05:14 PM
blue wheels.. i have no idea. right now the only thing that you can run that will have 8.5 mm in the front and 11 mm in the rear are the Square rims. and Square don't make blue wheels.. only silver and gunmetal.

2004.04.03, 10:48 AM
ok cause i found some at rc mart.com