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2004.03.30, 07:13 PM
http://www.******.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=144_21_69_488&products_id=6457 is this only for the enzo? or can it be also used for the nsx gzox??

2004.03.30, 07:14 PM

2004.03.30, 07:15 PM
well the link is not working its at ****** and its the blue rims 4th rim image

2004.03.30, 07:41 PM
1 more question does a GPM alloy rear gear box fit a rm chassis?

2004.04.02, 12:29 PM
no the rims wont fit because in the description it says "for MM chassis only and the MM bodies are the ferrari enzo and lambo and the NSX is the RM chassis. and you have to buy the rear gear box for the kind of chassis you have (RM, MM). the one i think you are talking about is the one for MM chassis.

2004.04.02, 03:31 PM
do u know of a site that sells blue allow rims for rm?

2004.04.02, 04:21 PM
i could be wrong but i think you can use the mr-01 wheels but im probably wrong about that. you need an expert opinion

2004.04.02, 05:15 PM
you can use MR-01 wheels but all four wheels will be 8.5 mm wide.

2004.04.02, 07:21 PM
i think ill just order them and if they fit kool if not ill save them for my mm chassis ill get soon thnx for opinions