View Full Version : Mini-Z at Hobbytown San Carlos Fri 4/2

2004.03.31, 09:36 AM
Hadn't seen it posted here yet, but Chris says we are racing this Friday 4/2 at Hobbytown San Carlos. He says racing starts at 8pm sharp. Be there or ......

2004.03.31, 09:45 AM
Cool thanks for the heads up! I hope my tires and shock stay set are here in time, if not I hope the CA glue holds!!

2004.03.31, 11:32 AM
see if someone can post the results after the race:D

2004.03.31, 02:06 PM
We'll be there!

2004.03.31, 02:07 PM
Yeah Chris usually posts the updates on the ballisticbatteries.com racing forum. I check there too.

2004.03.31, 05:03 PM
The ballisticbatteries forum is really just the rcracing.com forum.

Bring out the Overlands and Monsters on Friday. There will be a new set of jumps and ramps to break your truck with - oops - I mean to BREAK-IN your new truck with! (new ramps are Overland friendly, meaning they are not too big).


2004.03.31, 06:46 PM
Cool. You guys mind if my son races a Mini-t against the MMZ and OL?

Just kidding:p

2004.03.31, 08:20 PM
Originally posted by bw762
We'll be there!

I cant wait to see the new monster wheels and tires on the track

2004.04.08, 02:14 AM
Sorry I missed you guys last friday. My ex-wife let me pick up my son early so I went on a road trip to get him :) I am still free this friday, does anyone know if there is going to be some races?


2004.04.08, 10:45 AM
Hey Mike,

Nothing has been posted for Friday 4/9, so I dont think there is a race. You might want to call Chris to confirm.

You missed a great OL, Monster race last week though. There were three monsters and three overlands. It turned into a fun free for all. Don't know who won and I don't think anyone cared :)

We broke the front shock stay again, so the Monster is out of service until I get the replacement in.

2004.04.08, 11:28 AM
I doubt they are racing on Friday because there is a 1/10 scale race at HT Newark on Saturday and they will need the computer.

2004.04.09, 01:17 AM
Sounds like a blast! My front Shock f/r shock stay set came in the other day. I still havenít installed it yet, I am waiting till the glue job breaks. The GPM 30 degree lugs are cool. They have a lot more grip then the stock tires. The truck will still under steer if pushed, but overall they are better. I will take some pics.

If they are running next week I am there, the Friday after that 4/23 I am heading down to RCX. Its my birthday that weekend so a old friend and I are heading down to SoCal.