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2004.03.31, 07:00 PM
don't make the same mistake!rip off
I've ordered some parts from this site and returned two of them and was asking for a refund they said they already refunded it through my paypal account so I contacted paypal and up tnow I still have'nt received any refund I am so disgusted with you whoever is in charge iIn reviewing your PayPal account

Here is what the response of paypal:

I am able to find the initial
transaction that was completed on February 1, 2004. However, the
payment has not been refunded to your PayPal account. You may want to
contact the individual that you have sent the initial payment to and
find out if they completed a refund or sent a payment. If they have
sent a payment rather then a refund you may want to verify the email
address that they sent the payment to.

Refunds sent using the Send Money tab will post to the PayPal Account
balance, regardless of the funding source of the original payment.
Since this is actually a payment and not a refund, the fees associated
with the original payment will not be credited to you or the sender.
There may be fees associated with the funds sent through the Send Money

When the 'Refund Payment' link is used within 30 days from the purchase
date, the funding source of the original payment determines how the
refund is credited.

If the payment was sent using a credit card, the full or partial
refund will be credited to the credit card

Please note:

Due to credit card policy, credits to credit cards can appear up
to 30 days after the refund was completed

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us

PayPal Customer Service
PayPal, an eBay Company
ts been a month and a half now.

chitae ganda lalake

2004.03.31, 07:03 PM
I hope your not going to file a report and get thier account taken away because that would screw everybody up...:(

2004.03.31, 07:58 PM
Thanks R33E8; it was just a mistake, we confused Churchill with another customer, of course we will take care of it. :)