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2004.03.31, 09:46 PM
does anyone no of any good z tracks in san jose saratoga area

Thanks mzc:)

2004.03.31, 10:33 PM
I don't know if they're racing there anymore but they used to have Mini-Z racing at SlotCars Unlimited in San Jose. The only other places in the Bay that are racing regularly are Z-Club in SF and HobbyTown USA in San Carlos.

2004.03.31, 10:50 PM
HT San Carlos is the hot spot for Mini-Z. We run the RCP track and it is always hooked. I am out of town this weekend for the Mini-Z regional qualifier but they are racing Friday night. You should go check it out.

2004.04.01, 12:08 AM
Yeah HT in San Carlos is a great place to race. It starts at 8pm this Friday.

2004.05.01, 12:34 AM
Hey guys whats going on? Trying to find a nice spot to get back into official MiniZ racing. Does anyone know if the S.C. Hobbytown that is moving to the Fremont Hub is going to continue with MiniZ racing when they move? I have about 4-5 Z racers hungry for some real racing and that would be the perfect location, especially if they are taking over the old tower records building.

Also, how many of you guys raced at the much beloved TokyoTekki? I recognize your name there Rick! Hows the racing at the HT?


2004.05.01, 10:31 PM
*Pours some traction compound out for Tokyo Tekki*
Racing at Hobbytown is/was cool. The surface took a while to get used to, though. I don't know how fast or if the move is happening but we need it here in the good part of the Bay (the Eas').

Oh, and I was at Newark today for big car racing and the store is in disarray because they moved all the stuff in from the other store.

2004.05.02, 02:11 AM
Yeah, tell me about it. I went to go get a Monster Z there on Friday and the place was a way bigger mess then it usually was. Too bad they were all out of Monsters... They did have a yellow @12 however and for 140 I might just need to pick that up.

It does seem a bit odd to me that they are going to be opening one in the Hub. Its prety close to the one in Newark, probably less then 5 miles away. Either way I am not complaining as that always opens up the chance to have another official race spot. And just maybe, they MIGHT start carrying Z parts again....

Rick, you race 1/10th over there on the weekends?

2004.05.02, 09:24 PM
From what I understand, if they move to the Hub, they will also close the Newark store. I think it's more about better location and more space. Well, we'll see.

I try to race. Yesterday I hit the timing tower so hard that my car almost broke in half :eek:

McLaren F1 T3
2004.05.02, 09:38 PM
yep, he broke his 414 that was going to be mine *sigh*

off topic- get back on AIM brandon..

2004.05.03, 12:27 AM
Myker*, nobody asked you. :mad: