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2004.04.03, 04:56 AM
Well it’s finally here, the NEW Internal Antenna for the Mini-Z! “ THE ZERO-G”. This is the project name we came up with, “Zero-G” or, as our catalog will reflect – MZ01-Zero-G (black). The antennas will be available in Black, Red, and Blue with white lettering for now, we are also working on florescent colors in the near future. The “Zero-G” is the first of it’s kind in technology and design for the hobby industry and as the next few months allow we will be designing and building antennas for the MR02, Overland, Mini-Z Monster Truck and Radio Shacks X-Mods. If you have any questions or would be interested in becoming a distributor for Fly By Wire Technologies please feel free to contact us at information@flyxwire.com or check with your favorite hobby store or on line store, if they don’t carry our products as yet let them know about us.

Thanks for your support,

Mark & Connie LaMotte-Kerr
Owners – Operators
Fly By Wire Technologies

2004.04.04, 08:09 PM
How did the photo of my MMT turn out? I plan to upload a newer photo of my MMT after I complete the bumper guard and install the additional four lights, so everyone will also get to see another picture of your "external" antenna on my MMT. I also mentioned the purchase of the antennas to the owner of one the local hobby shops today, but I didn't take my MMT (or the Overland) since it was a long day/night after the return trip from Palmdale and I didn't plan to do any Mini-Z driving. Tell your wife I said hello as well. Later. ;)

2004.04.05, 08:07 PM
Well I hope that you did well at the races on Saturday, I wanted to get some more detailed photographs of your Monster Truck and the Overland you were racing. The fact that you were using one of our External Antennas (Fly By Wire Technologies) and rolled over as many times as you did was wild! But the real wild part was that the Antenna helped “roll you over” or “pogo” as some people like to say, it was very nice to see. Let me know when you have more photos of your cars/truck as we are building a customer spot on our site to post cars/trucks using our products. Take a look when you have a chance and let us know what you think and what you might like to see. http://www.flyxwire.com It was good meeting you and hope to see you at the RCX show at the end of the month. Good luck with everything.

- Mark

P.S Connie said HI . . . :)

2004.04.06, 03:21 AM
The photo doesn't look too bad and you can even see the photo of Tigger & Bennie on the parts box. I have since finished the bumper and added additional lights. And just tonight, I added a human figure inside the MMT; however, the "human" was added after the attached photos were taken. Regarding the races, I broke a knuckle in the F1 A-Main but still qualified for RCX so I should be there too. I had already signed up for the last chance qualifier anyway. :)

2004.04.16, 02:31 PM

I checked out your website today and noticed the new photos. One of the women I know told me I should have wore a darker shirt--I can't even dress properly when out-of-town. ;) I also added some more photos to my album of the MMT "playing" with the OL and Cobra. Of course, the OL has the red antenna.