View Full Version : Hey arch! whats with the forum change!

2004.04.04, 06:59 PM
AHHHHH i hate this setup i can never figure out how to post pics and now i gotta learn it all over again :( :( :( but watever im just wonderin what its all about?

2004.04.04, 07:16 PM
Please offer feedback at this thread:


;) :)

2004.04.05, 12:44 AM
:D Got to learn all over? Works the same as the old board, just no attached pics

2004.04.05, 05:38 AM
attachments seem to be allowed....Attach Files

i have even see a few posts that have 3 attachments! which is nice so you don't have to have soo many reply to attach all the images

2004.04.05, 06:38 AM
:D Got to learn all over? Works the same as the old board, just no attached pics

To clarify, it's the same software as before, just a major new version; it's got all the same features (though some may take some figuring out as to where they moved them) and then some more new ones which we'll be implementing soon! :)

2004.04.05, 09:43 AM
Sorry I didn't see the Attachments before, actually I like the look of the new board, it's brighter

2004.04.05, 07:03 PM
i like this better, its got a light on your post that tells you if your on or not.

2004.04.06, 09:28 PM
were have you beenr racemini?lol did you get your alloy reargearbox yet!?!

2004.04.08, 08:38 PM
not yet, i ordered it right when it was out of stock and already paid for it so i just gota wait untill its in stock again.

ps, mini-z when do you think they will be in stock again