View Full Version : I'm sure this has been asked thousands of times...

2002.02.05, 05:06 PM
What would be, in all of your valid opinions, the best mini RC car available? Thats including hop-ups, community, styles, dependability, etc.

I love cars, but have nowhere near enough income to work on real ones, so I think I can settle with modding out R/C cars. I don't want to struggle with full-size gas R/C's, and the mini's seem really cool.

So, opinions? I was about to get a Bit CharG when I found out about these Mini-Z's. They seem to know whats up... Thanks for your input!

2002.02.05, 06:39 PM
Get a Mini-Z and you will NOT regret your decision! They are great to tool around the house in, but if you want something to run outside, I would go with a larger scale like a 1/10 truck or a TMAXX.