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2004.04.05, 07:00 PM
*** NOTE : New version of TrackMaker available including the RCP tiles. Go to post in this message dated 9th April.

*** NOTE : New tiles added 6th April. See posts from that date further down page.

Not sure if this has been done before but you may be interested in this little add-on I've nocked up for Zanthrax' great TrackMaker utility. I've edited some of the tile graphics to look like RCP tiles. Its great for laying out ideas.

TrackMaker is available here : http://www.zanthrax.nl/

Its under Software/TrackMaker.

Its best to install it to c:\trackmaker apparently.

Once thats downloaded and installed, get this file : http://homepage.ntlworld.com/paul.buckle1/files/rcp-tiles.zip

Make a copy of the Tiles folder in c:\trackmaker (just in case) then unzip the contents of rcp-tiles.zip into c:\trackmaker\tiles. Run TrackMaker and the RCP stuff is under the Open 1 and Open 2 tabs.

I only changed about 18 of the existing tiles but I think the end result is pretty good. Almost exactly the same output as the tracks on the rcp site - http://www.rc-parties.com/pages/959579/

Note to RCP-Tracks dood - any news on the 30cm track availability in the UK ?


2004.04.05, 07:12 PM
I spoke to Kyosho last week and they are going to have someone contact you.

2004.04.05, 07:17 PM
Cheers mate ! I've just checked my forum account and I've changed it to allow emails. So presumably you can pass my email address on ? Or do you want me to email you ?

Many thanks again,


2004.04.05, 07:32 PM
Please send me any addresses that you want Kyosho to contact you.

2004.04.05, 07:41 PM

Just tried to email you but its turned off - I'd rather not post my email address in the forum ....... :cool:

Let me know how i can contact you so I can send you my email address.

Its getting late now so I'll check the forums at work tomorrow - thanks for replying so quick.


2004.04.05, 07:45 PM

You have your email contact thing turned off in your profile so I'm not sure where to contact you. I'd rather not post my email addy in the forum.

Let me know what the best way of getting it to you. I'll check back on the forums tomorrow as its getting late.


2004.04.05, 08:37 PM

2004.04.05, 09:44 PM
cool program

thanks for the tiles too

2004.04.06, 04:12 AM
Thanks for the heads up wcrotty. Just to clarify, the TrackMaker program (which is very good) is written by Zanthrax - I just edited some tiles.

If theres any other RCP tiles to convert then let me know.

RCP - I've sent you an email this morning.

2004.04.06, 11:57 AM
great outcome... you're right, almost exactly the same as the tracks on the official site... glad you thought of it... :)

2004.04.06, 06:19 PM
I've added more tiles to the tileset - offroad tiles and blank tiles for both on and off road. All the tiles can be found under the Open 1, Open 2 and Extras tabs.

I *may* try to contact zanthrax to see if he wants to add an RCP tab or two to TrackMaker to make it more "official" rather than just a "hack" of his graphic files.

Anyway, the first post has all the instructions and files needed as I've overwritten the original tile set with this new one.

Happy trackin'.


2004.04.06, 06:31 PM
Is there aword to describe someone who posts multiple times in their own thread ? :rolleyes:


I have emailed Zanthrax asking if he could modify his program to add a seperate set of tabs for RCP tracks. This would be so cool if he does. Event organisers could use his software to post pictures or the track files themselves of upcoming events so you luck RCP track owners could put some extra practice in. Or do these events have a "closed track" where you only see it an hour before ?

Just an idea.


2004.04.07, 03:27 PM
Got a reply back from Zanthrax - unfortunately he's finished developement on TrackMaker so the "hack" tiles will have to do for now.

A mate of mine does some python programming so I may have a chat with him to produce a rcp only track making program. AND it will support both Windows and Linux :)

I'll keep you guys posted.


2004.04.07, 03:51 PM
i'm really looking forward to this! i like to chang my track around every few months and this would be a great tool for doing so

2004.04.07, 04:11 PM

Thanks for sharing the RCP tiles to go with the trackmaker. I already have created a visual of my future mini-tile RCP track :D

2004.04.07, 05:37 PM
And a good looking track too. Hammers rendering is way cool.

No-one has commented to say if theres any tiles missing so I presume I've done them all ? I know the rc-parties.com has a page with all the up and coming pieces but seeing as none of them are out yet theres no point in me doing them.

Great to hear people are using them.


2004.04.07, 06:23 PM
After reading this thread I decided to give it a shot, see if I still had the sourcecode...
I added 2 separate tabs for Buks' RCP tiles.

Anyone who I can mail it to and then host it for me?

2004.04.07, 06:30 PM
Nice one Zanthrax ! You the man !

I can host for a bit if you want. You should still have my email address from when I sent the request yesterday.

I haven't the time to design a website so it will just be a hosted file but thats probably all thats needed.

Out of interest - whats the language you used for TrackMaker ?



2004.04.09, 12:21 PM
Zanthrax has sent me the updated version. Its available from here ;


Excellent work dude !

Anyone whos already worked on an rcp track using the hacked tiles will find it very easy to convert to the new program. Give it a go and let me or Zanthrax know what you think.



PS RCP-dude, Any chance of you hosting this tool on your site ?

2004.04.09, 01:06 PM
First of all, zanthrax or buks, please contact us and we will host it (how big is the file?).

Second, FYI we are working on an online trackbuilder app for RCP that will allow you to sketch and then buy your dream track! :) :cool:

2004.04.09, 02:00 PM
The new version won't work properly for me. It won't let me drop the tiles in the box and puts this weird picture in the track item I want to pick. :confused:

2004.04.09, 03:24 PM
RCP - the files is 534k and the link to download it is here -


R33E8 - Did you unzip the files to c:\trackmaker ? Thats the recommended place to install.

Did you overwrite a previous version ? I backed up my previous version.

Finally, what version of windows are you using ?



2004.04.09, 03:34 PM
Thanks buks! I got it right after I zipped it to the c drive. I still have the previous version and I'm using XP Pro. :cool:

2004.04.09, 04:11 PM
Glad to help R33E8.

2004.04.09, 05:13 PM
I was contacted by someone from FinitiTrax (http://www.FinitiTrax.com/), they have made some custom tiles too (I did a quick search on them but found nothing on the board, their system is very similar to the RCP tracks)

I think I am going to add theirs too...

Make some extra buttons to put more logic into the long lines of tabs and buttons.
So expect another new version within a couple of days.

Man... I made TrackMaker just for fun, to see if I could. Now I wish I asked money for it. :p

2004.04.09, 05:25 PM
Are there any new pics of that FinitiTrax surface?

The ones on the website look cheesey.

2004.04.09, 08:17 PM
Zanthrax, is FiniTrax out of the USA or overseas?

2004.04.09, 09:04 PM
Well, you don't have to really worry about them because from the pictures, it looks as if they are only used for 1:43 scale and smaller. :cool:

Your question about where they are locatered...I have no idea. :confused:

2004.04.10, 09:15 AM
Zanthrax, is FiniTrax out of the USA or overseas?

Would seem like they're in the US as they ship Fedex Ground to the contiguous 48 states

2004.04.10, 10:35 AM
Linux users may be pleased to know that trackmaker works running under wine.

I'm using Fedora Core 1 and downloaded Wine 20040309 in rpm format from http://www.winehq.com. It works without any setp or changes to wine. Just type wine trackmaker.exe and you're away.

On the Finitrax discussion - I too thought the track system and barrier attachment method looks a little too much like the RCP tracks. I'm no lawyer so I wouldn't want to comment on copyright ! The foam looks like the type of foam you get in packaging rather than the "rubber type" foam that the RCP tracks seem to be made of (from what I can tell from pictures etc).

RCP - did you pass my email onto Kyosho regarding the UK distribution of the mini RCP track ? Not heard anything yet. But hey - waiting is part of the excitement....



2004.04.10, 01:27 PM
ya im no lawyer either but that track looks alot like the rcp. I wonder if this company must be related in some way to the rcp track company or else I dont think they could legally make it.

Ken Mifune
2004.04.11, 12:25 AM
It definitely looks like it was RCP influenced but
-Approximately 14"sq. tiles.
-Nonlinking rails
-sparce puzzle pattern
-thinner tiles
-removable plugs
-twin pin design
-different materials

Legally, it's seems clean.

Ken Mifune
2004.04.11, 12:33 AM
The rail material looks like polyethylene foam. That's good and bad.

2004.04.11, 01:05 AM
the track and rails apear to be made from the same stuff, and what it looks like in photos, not a good track surface, but who knows maybe it works better then it looks... it looks too squishy... cant think of where the foam was used to give an example.. but ive got some similar looking foam with stickum on one side... but the cut out pattern apears to be a very copy cat pattern... the rail concept I actualy like beter then RCP, cuz the corner rails can be used as inner/outer curbs... but thats the only thign that I would say is better.. lol...

Ken Mifune
2004.04.11, 01:58 AM
The puzzle pattern in the CAD renders look similar to RCP but still different.
The pictures of the actual product show a very minimal pattern.

You're right Drac, with the removable plugs and continuous tile pattern, you don't really need two rails on the interior of the track. This is especially handy for track systems that have lanes that are one tile wide. The track might not look as professional but it's efficient.

Assuming it is polyethylene foam, that is the same stuff used for "Pool Noodles".

edit- The more I look at finitrax layouts, the more I think it's a shame how unoriginal some people can be.

2004.04.11, 10:04 PM
RCP - did you pass my email onto Kyosho regarding the UK distribution of the mini RCP track ? Not heard anything yet. But hey - waiting is part of the excitement....



Buks, I just spoke to Kyosho, Japan. They are passing your contact information over to their UK distributor. Let me know when you hear from them. Sorry for the late response. My Kyosho contacts have been out of the country for the last few days.

2004.04.12, 06:23 AM
RCP - Great ! Will let you know.