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2004.04.13, 02:06 PM
This has been mentioned somewhere in the forum but am confused with the different methods mentioned.

Problem: Unable to trim car to run straight even though I have used up the maximum trim correction for the left channel.

There are 2 methods mentioned in the past posts. They are:

1. "Turning of potentiometer" mentioned by a user by the name of Paulangelo

2. Tuning a pot on the PCB board itself.

The problem is that I do NOT understand what it meant by 1)Turning the potentiometer. Does it means shifting the potentiometer's position slightly or by turning something like a pot on the Potentiometer itself?

Also, is there a POT on the PCB itself on the MR02 board that can also do the trick?

Pls help.

2004.04.13, 04:47 PM
On the top cover peel the sticker back some and you will see a hole (with the front of the chassis facing away from you it should be at the left corner of the sticker.). Just below the hole you will find the PCB pot use that to center the steering. Just set the trim on the TX in the center before you start. You may need to use something plastic, I once used a toothpick to move it around. Just lay the sticker back down when your done. When you touch it the steering may jump around, it's touchy. I usualy adjust mine with the TX and the car turned on. Just make sure the car doesn't shoot off the table. The MR01 is the same way.

Note to a mod, This is one for the FAQ section.

2004.04.13, 06:24 PM

Scroll down. There are some pictures to help. Although the pictures show an MR01, the method to get about it is pretty much the same for the MR02 too.

Hope this helps. :)

2004.04.14, 05:23 AM
Thank you all for your replies. I have now managed to calibrate it with all your help.