View Full Version : Sydney Race this Sunday! No Joke

2004.04.15, 09:28 PM
Through Ausmicro forum we have succesfully organised mini-z races in Sydney but i don't know you guys? Well there is a race this Sunday in Meadow bank about noonish for more information go to

It a long thread but just flip through it and you will find yourself the address and more information about the race and etc..

Hope to see u there

2004.04.16, 01:50 AM
Finally! I was beginning to get worried, what with all the disinterest in Sydney. I live around the northshore area, but can go anywhere provided it's near a train station......

Believe it or not, I've never been to meadow bank, what station is nearest? Meadow Bank park, right? BTW i've got TX 1,3 MR01's, a TX 5 F1, and a TX 4 Overland......all non fetted. Speed is not one of my virtues but I'd especiallly like to see a plasma dash'ed Z in action.

2004.04.16, 08:10 AM
Did u check the threads in Ausmicro? I think there is a Station but how far from the station i wouldn't have a clue!

Get a map and check the address of the venue or something, i got a Mr-01 modded and other people are bringing their rc junks so bring everything and we'll race it!

that good to hear that u got TX 1 because we got other channels, 6,5,4,2 i think

2004.04.16, 02:40 PM
hey fellas - i checked those forums in ausmicro - and yeah it's good to see some interest here in sydney...

but i was more looking forward to a track setup- my friends and i all have z's i'm the onl y one with an f1 - so i need to show off the handling skills on a track- we have a basket ball court we can play near liverpool- but it's just to muck around though- but eventually we wanna get a track or somethin- trying to get materials from clark rubber...

anyways you guys have fun - hopefully more people get into it- i really wanna race some peeps on a track though- itchy itchy itchy....

2004.04.16, 04:57 PM
Nice to hear there are still some ppl in Sydney who know what a mini-z is LOL! I've actually been a regular browser of ausmicro just never really been bothered enough to register. Both ausmicro and this site are very informative, however.......I've got another broken MR01 with burnt out stock FETS perhaps this meeting could help things.

Ok I've checked the map, Meadow Bank has a station and basically there is a 'Melrose Park' on the opposite side of TAFE.....it's huge and has cricket, rugby, hockey and netball. Hmm. Here's hoping that it doesn't rain. See you guys there eh!

BTW just so ppl there would have a visual on me, I'm the asian dude with shorts and a white t-shirt. six feet tall, medium build. Oh and I'll be carrying a hideously large bag :))))

Unfortunately I don't have any fetted Z's. Most of you will be surprised at the slowness of my cars......I plan to bring:

-TX1 Takata Dome NSX MR01 with stock motor (I know it's slow :(
-TX3 Tokuhon Tom's Supra MR01 with X-speed
-TX5 Williams BMW F1 with x-speed.

2004.04.16, 07:32 PM
Well that cool that you can come so how old are u?

Most of the guys there are about 30's and 20's and my mate and i are 15 and 18 so u roughly have an idea of our age.

So that great to hear that you are coming but i recommend you to know the names of thoses guys on Sunday so you don't like look left out~

So who else is coming this Sunday?

2004.04.18, 08:48 AM
Wah! what a day~ had a great time and learnt alot from Geo-z thanz man!
Had great races with Talldude and Kevesta but i still can't believe Talldude's Focus handle and steering! Just unbelievably great don't you reackon?
So have you added me yet on ICQ?(Geo-z)

Hey i am getting FETs soon 6x2, hehe reduce the chances of frying my turbo now! but for the mean time i'm planning to alloy knuckles because my knuckles are bit screwy and out of place and that might be the reason for my car not running straight!! and i'm getting a tie rod set 1 degree toe in, apparently it's better and can make my car run in a straight line!!!!!1 :eek:

Toe out increase response of steering
+2,+3,-1 each one pieceoe in/ out bar available that make the racer runs in a stright line!

That should fix up some of my temp. issues~~

blue hornet
2005.06.07, 05:35 PM
i know no one looks here anymore but just in case we will be running this sunday, anyone welcom.


blue hornet
2005.06.16, 05:20 PM
i am pretty sure no one reads this post anymore but just in case there is mini-z racing on this sunday at medowbank netball courts, starting around 1pm. all welcome.

2005.06.16, 05:33 PM
i am pretty sure no one reads this post anymore but just in case there is mini-z racing on this sunday at medowbank netball courts, starting around 1pm. all welcome.
i read this post even though i may never make it there to race we love hearing about mini-zs around the world keep us posted

blue hornet
2005.06.20, 05:54 PM
thanks techno, there is a bunch of us that get together for some fun racing...
there are no fee's or anything just turn up and have fun! we normaly set up a track out of pvc pipping on netball courts. this way we can change the layout when we want.
there is a good bunch of guys who get down there and have a wide knolledge base on most any form of r/c.
some weeks there are only 3 of us, other times we have had 15 drivers, which is always more fun.
the more the merrier!!!!!!

regards big dave