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2004.04.19, 10:18 PM
Hey mini z, drac, or arch I am looking to purchase the pocket knife and I am a liitle un - clear on a couple of things.

does the kit offered in the shop have everything needed excluding the batteries of coarse you know like the screws, battery electrodes,damper??

I have seen a couple of pictures and cannot tell if I should be soldering the batteries together or what? can I use my stock batteries or again will I have to make batteries? hey i know this is probably redundant but i'm confused.

I think you're offering up a pretty nice sale on the kit I will be cleared for take - off once this can be nailled down.

Please advise
and thanx in advance.

El Tigre
2004.04.20, 07:47 AM
I have owned 4 of these and currently have 3 running Pro-Z's including the carpet knife, one I sold. You will need an ESC/Receiver board from a Stock Mini-Z, the servo from the same Mini-Z, Steering knuckles, springs, rear pod and motor, front body mount. As far a battery goes you will need to solder the battery terminals together, which is not tough if you have a soldering iron and a little know how. Send me your batteries and I will solder them together for nuthin'. The batteries will need to be rechargeable and you will need to install battery connectors to the stock Mini-z board. Heck, send me it all and I will assemble it for you. I love these cars, the new colored carbon is supreme, and you cant be the handling and range of tweak you can make to them.

2004.04.20, 06:11 PM
Sweet I am just down the road a piece in Worcester MA. I have those energizer joints in the car. And yes I do have a soldering gun and minimal skillies,Do the bateries get married up in a series with one of those plug in type recharge ports?

2004.04.20, 09:04 PM
think that someone could point to a review of the pro-z... I'm contemplating buying it but am unsure if it is quite worth the dollars for my interest in the hobby.

btw, sorry for hijacking the thread

El Tigre
2004.04.21, 10:24 AM
Do a search or check out the Pro-Z thread in the New Products thread. What do you want to know? Ask away, I'm sure someone or myself could your questions. I have 3 and have raced them for a year now.

2004.04.22, 12:31 AM

where'd you get yours and how long did it take for you to get it?

El Tigre
2004.04.22, 07:22 AM
I get them from the source, Mr. Pro-Z occassionally races at my local track and he brings in prototypes, nifty setups, etc. Most of the people I race with have at least one or two. Set up with an S03, spy speedo and XXL receiver and they are ballistic little rockets that carry a lot of speed in the corners. Even my stock motor/servo/receiver Pro-Z is faster than the other stock Mini-Z's. The tweak adjustment helps to counter the effects of the diff gear being on the right side, and with a mod motor and neutral tweak, the torque to the diff will push the car to the left. Those tracks where you need a little more left/right cornering, you can adjust the tweak to allow the car to bias more in a particular direction when cornering.

2004.08.25, 09:20 AM
how do you go about charging these packs?

I currently use a 30 minute charger to charge my batteries, which is easy and cost effective. What equiptment would I need and how do I go about it?

2004.08.27, 04:28 AM
Hello, I have a Pro-Z and I'm building my batteries pack.
Can someone please tell me if I can use a RX - TX charger (the one used to charge the receiver of a 1/8) to charge a pack of four AAA NIMH batteries?


Eduardo from Portugal.

El Tigre
2004.08.30, 07:54 AM
Just make sure the voltage output of the charger is not more than than the output of the pack. Also, you do not want to charge the pack at much more than 1 amp. I know people who charge them at 2 amps but they will get hot and that aint cool. Do you have a local RadioShack? If so, they have lots of chargers that will do the job. You may have to break down and buy a quality RC charger that will do receiver packs.