View Full Version : Squat Modified Motor Can

2002.02.06, 11:40 PM
We just got these in, all you motor hackers will probably want to check these out!


2002.02.07, 02:01 PM
Anticipate my multiple orders in the near future. Thanks.

2002.02.07, 02:46 PM
NML, sounds good - quantity is limited right now as we just ordered a small batch to check them out, but we will starting stocking them regularly after we're done testing them.

2002.02.07, 06:44 PM
OK NML, I know that by you getting this motor cans you will have no excuse to make better motors, right? Especially for me!!! Muahahahahahhahahaha, the best motor will be mine!!! All mine!!! Oops, did I said that out loud? :eek: Yes you did you idiot!!! :mad: Oh, what should I do? :eek: I don't know, just shut up already!!! :mad: Oh... :eek: Good! :mad:

O.K. Bieeeeee :p ,

2002.02.08, 01:27 AM
You know it man. I'm still amazed by the fact that I met you through eBay, and here you are, just minutes away from me. You could have been somewhere in MO. like rucrazy. He's a cool cat, but man you're too far. We'd racing racing for days, if you were here bro. (rucrazy) It's his birthday, btw.

2002.02.08, 03:27 AM
Happy birthday rucrazy, didn't know that... "Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday rucrazy... Happy Birthday to you..." Yay...! That sounded kind of weird with the "Happy Birthday rucrazy" part... Sounds funny though. :p

Happy B-Day dude :D ,

2002.02.12, 05:23 PM
has anyone tested this yet? wondering how the
magnets are.......
are they stronger than the stock can?

2002.02.14, 05:12 PM
What do you need to switch over from the original motor can and endbell? :confused: :confused:

2002.02.14, 05:18 PM
Armature and brushes is all thats needed right?

2002.02.14, 10:46 PM
Yep; the Squat kit replaces your can (bearings instead of bushings), magnets, and endbell.

2002.02.15, 09:51 AM
Do you have the brushes I would be interested in a can and the brushes! do you have magnents also?


2002.02.15, 11:20 AM
All I want is the bearing can... and maybe some extra brushes.
I am not realy interested in the magnets unless they are the durable expensive dont loose their strength while being used type of magnet... neodium or something like that.

Should be some way to order them directly from Mabuchi, Mini-Z ;). Should be able to get a lot for a little that way... Then you can start Mini-ZShop parts and by pass some middle men. And you might be able to get unique colored endbells that way for those interested in color ;).

Another thing you should sell with that motor can, is the tool to open/close that crimpalble piece of metal on the motor can.. Ive been up some expensive screw drivers taking motor cans apart ;).

2002.02.15, 11:39 AM
I ordered 4 motors from NOMOTORLIMITs.
One of them has been fitted with a Squat bearing can kit from the Mini-ZRacer.com shop :D
Once I recieve the motors, I'll let you know the difference.

When I place my next order from the Mini-ZRacer.com shop, some Squat can kits are a must.
Owning 3 X-Speeds, I'd like to gague the difference for myself. :)

2002.02.15, 06:32 PM
2EZ, we don't have brushes, and the magnets are included but not available separately. Drac, if you have any idea how we might be able to go directly to Mabuchi, let me know, that would be awesome!

2002.02.16, 12:08 PM
I am not sure if this was the answer you were looking for but go here (http://www.mabuchi-motor.co.jp/english/product/fax_sheet.pdf) for inquiries.:D