View Full Version : Should i get new mini-RCP or Wide L track?

2004.04.28, 05:31 PM

I am planning to buy RCP track to setup at my Garage (around 14 feet x 16 feet)
and want to know what is the best RCP track setup for this size.

Should i get 2 Wide L or 2 Mini Tile 96 track for the size i have in Garage? Is 2 sets (Wide L or Mini) going to be enough for this size or too big? As i understand the only difference between Mini and regular is the size of each title (30mm vs 50mm). Is that mean i will have more flexiblity setup in 30mm track?

Thanks in advance!

2004.04.28, 06:06 PM
The smaller tiles should allow a more technical track setup that can be set up in a smaller space or simply the same set-up using less space. However, if you plan to race 6 cars at once, the mini-tile set up will probably be pretty tight in a passing situation.

2004.04.28, 06:43 PM
What's the maximum dimensions of the mini tile track? Is it easy to disassemble and reassemble as well as storing it away. I'd like to set this up in my living room apartment. It's a 9' x 6' area.

2004.04.28, 10:20 PM
look at my recent posts in my thread regarding my rcp track in the track section

2004.04.28, 10:46 PM
Some forum members pre-ordered the Mini-Tile 96 and should be receiving there tracks any day. I can answer any questions on the construction and overall dimensions, but I think it would be best to hear reviews from these customers and other drivers who tested it out. I have allready scheduled blank 30 cm tiles to be shipped on the next order, so wider lanes can be made.

2004.04.28, 11:12 PM
matrix, this is the two Wide L track configuration I have set up at my office. It measures 16'-4 1/2" x 13'-1".