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2004.05.04, 04:01 PM
There are some new pictures just added to the RCP-Tracks Feature Gallery section of this forum. See here http://mini-zracer.com/gallery/RCP-Tracks

These pictures show 2 of the 4 different tracks built by RCP-Tracks for the 2004 RCX show. The Kyosho display was built using our RCP Wide Lane tracks for the on road course and a custom foam carved off road track, covered in rubber paint, for the off road display. If you have any questions regarding either track, feel free to ask and I will go into more detail on the overall construction and materials used.

Here is one sample photo from the album.

I will add more photos in the next few weeks.

BTW, any member of this forum can upload pictures into this featured gallery, I believe without any passwords required. So if you have some custom RCP Track layouts that you would like to post, feel free to do so in this album.

2004.05.04, 04:40 PM
:eek: simply amazing! i could spend days on that overland track!

can't wait to see more ;)

**rcp is right, the featured album is open for anyone with an rcp track to upload nice pictures of their setups. i am surprised at the reative small number of submissions :rolleyes: i know there are more memeber's here with rcp tracks, you know who you are ;)

2004.05.04, 08:09 PM
Agree with you Arch,,,,,that monster course (forget overlanders-lol) is brilliant. Id sell my wife for one. Just dont tell her.

I will get one of those track (96 mini) to Australia soon enough i hope.

Well Done!

2004.05.04, 10:18 PM
I will add more photos in the next few weeks.
Did you see the photos of my MMT on the RCX offroad track? They are in Gallery TNB, RCX Album. By the way, I recieved the Mini-Tile today and it looks like it will be going into the office. Since my employer wants to race now, we also spoke about more track and the one I just purchased isn't even out of the box yet--it's sitting in the middle of my office waiting for "other" office furniture to be moved. Soon I hope. :D

2004.05.05, 12:36 AM

Yes, I saw all your photos. Very nice shots.

I am hoping Latency might get some time to post some of his video's. I think he has some vid's with the Mini-Monsters running the off road track. I have some here but haven't figured out how to shrink the file to the allowable upload limits for this forum.

A big thanks goes out to NML and Henry, who helped me put the track display together. The platform was finished very late on Thursday and we had very limited time to get it all together before the show on Friday.

I originally had a 360 degree plexiglass loop incorporated into the track, but ran out of time on Thursday to put it together. I ended up using the plexiglass sheet I brought, as a replacement for the plexiglass 1/4 pipe ramp I had built for the 1/10 scale track. One of the pro drivers jumped 30' or so and went straight into the first sheet. We decided to move the 1/4 pipe ramp a little to the left, if it was going to survive the whole weekend.

I carved the off road track out of 8' x 4' x 6" sheets of foam. The only tools I used where a 8" long barbeque knife and a phillips screw driver. The texture covering was accomplished by brushing 5 gallons of rubber elastomeric paint over every visible inch of exposed foam. This paint is great because it stretches 300 % and is very thick to get into all the cracks and canyons. The paint is waterproof as well, so no problem leaving the track outside. You can purchase the paint at Home Depot and it comes in many colors. The track comes apart in 8 pieces and was transported in a 12' enclosed trailer.

I have been pushing to get a similar track with wider lanes made for upcoming Mini-Z cup events. The only challenge is shipping it to each event.

2004.05.05, 12:55 AM
so how do I get my hands on those giant Mini-Z logo posters? :)

2004.05.05, 04:26 AM
so how do I get my hands on those giant Mini-Z logo posters? :)

Most of the Mini-z signs go back to GP. They use them for other trade shows.

2004.05.05, 05:13 AM
ah yes, but the keyword is MOST... some of those things have got to be obsolete sooner or later ;) the ones with the chassis etc...

2004.05.05, 11:46 AM
At RCX, they gave away some of the cheaper "Kyosho" banners. :D

2004.05.14, 03:13 AM
A few more from Kyosho RCX. I am still looking for a picture of the center section which incorporates the letters K Y O S H O which I carved into one of the mountains. Does anyone have a close up shot of this section?

2004.05.14, 08:48 AM
what do you do with the large carved foam tracks after the events?

2004.05.14, 04:16 PM
I saw teh Kyosho Carving in an online photo, in a RC site that had all your tracks even the non Mini-Z track photos.. even the dirt track that was there, and videos of each ;) and video of the rc cars trying to knock down a hovering rc plane lol... and jumping the plane ;). Searching... forgot were it was lol ;)


fast forward through the first 50% of the mini-z monster video cuz it has nothing to do with the monster lol... and u will see the kyosho logo, I tried to yank a screen shot but that dont work...

2004.05.14, 04:44 PM
what do you do with the large carved foam tracks after the events?

Every morning I let the monsters out to play!

But seriously, I will most likely modify and expand this track for another up coming trade show, where we will bring Kyosho RTR's for the public to test on both our RCP offroad and on road tracks. I believe Las Vegas and Chicago may be our next stops.

I am also going to see about building an off road track for possible future Kyosho Cup Mini-Monster and Overland regionals/finals events

2004.05.14, 05:07 PM
You should just make a track that sorta looks like that pile of track pieces ;) let ppl climb to the top etc ;) lots of blind spots but might catch the eye more being tall and big... even if it was just a tower in the corner for looks ;).