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2004.05.07, 09:37 AM
Well it's completed. I call it a road course because grass does not make a good road base for a smooth track. ;) (I have had it on cement and carpet and it's perfect, no road course.. ;) ...) Now, the track has some borders that are not interlocked, but that is because the 30-40MPH winds that day got to it before I took the picture, and this was just a quick "fix" so I could have some pictures to post.. My car got about 20 feet of air and flew 30 feet before landing. ;)

The track in the pictures is 28' by 20' The track length going left-right in the picture is the 20' side, although the picture makes the track looks square. The nice thing is I can make any track I want, but it's all 90 degree corners, i might make some 45's and so on if I get bored with this..

Anyway, details are $110 pep boys tiles (10 6 packs) $60 in foam pipe insulation frome depot (60 6' pieces) $15 for 60 1 (or was it 3/4ths inch?) 2 inch sprinker pipe (used to connect borders to eachother) and $4 in hot glue sticks.

I'll post pictures later on how the interlocking border system works, basically I used the pepboys mat borders to attach my foam insulation pipes/borders to with hot glue. I have 6', 4', and 2' borders I can attach anywhere. The corners have their borders glued directly to them. Next time I post it should be with pictures and details on how the foam insulation pipes were attached to the mat boarders.. But hot glue was the best of 7 adhesives I tried (gorilla glue, drywall glue, 3m spray adhesive, and so on).

Anyways, enjoy, and post comments please?

PS. Only bad note so far is my MR02 enzo can get stopped dead if I hit the wall at more than a 20degree angle, my friends 02 Mobile 1 card never has this problem, F1's will also have problems, as it's our low front nose that can get under the round border. I'll try to find something I can use to help solve this problem. It's not bad, unless you're a very bad drive. I rarely get stopped on the side of the borders, and if I do it's because I was driving horribly and deserve it ;) (Rationilzation... ;)

2004.05.07, 10:39 AM
Man i thought I was the only guy to cheap out and make my own track as well. :D

I make my track in my garage. It's 6 tiles wide and 13 tiles long. I put PVC pipe down for the track, and since the foam surface is just a big rectangle, i can change the track layout really fast.

WHat side do you use? The textured or the smooth?

2004.05.07, 10:58 AM
Smooth, the backside of the pepboys tiles have a diamond pattern (often used for shoe grip on metal surfaces). That track took about 10 minutes to setup, it's fairly quick. The hardest thing is connecting the 2x2' tiles together. The borders all go on in about 3 minutes for all of them.. It's very fast for the borders.

2004.05.07, 09:34 PM
For that price you could have just bought an RCP Mini-Tile 96 track. I just got mine and it is super cool. I haven't played with too many layouts yet because I need to make room but so far it is just as hooked up as its big brother. The smaller lane widths are not a problem at all either and if anything, they will teach you to be a better driver/racer.

2004.05.08, 09:28 AM
For that price you could have just bought an RCP Mini-Tile 96 track

The RCP track would be less than half the size and have narrower lanes. I'm not putting down the RCP, in fact if they had released the mini-tile set first I might have bought that one rather than make my own, just saying that's not a fair comparison. You could say he spent less than half what he would have spent on an RCP since he would have had to buy at least two full RCP sets to equal the size of the track he made.


2004.05.09, 02:23 AM
I am speaking based on past experience of spending money for my various tracks. So far they have been fair quality from my first tar paper track to my carpet track but overall, the quality, fit, and reconfigurability of the RCP wins hands down. I would rather have a smaller track of better quality and hook up than a bigger track that leaves something to be desired.

FYI, I was just getting ready to build a track like the one posted and after I priced it out, I figured the RCP track would be more worthwhile. Plus since most of the tracks I run on are RCP I can get practice in on the same surface and with the same setups. Additionally I can take my track to work or to a friend's house and quickly set up for a race.

2004.05.10, 10:36 AM
The point of the track was to make a large, long, configurable track. To make this course with RCP, it would have costed $400-$500. This track is also very configurable, almost much as the RCP. It is also faster to put together and take down. As I said, that track took 15 minutes to setup. It took 3 minutes to take down and stack so I can transport it, which requires 2 trips from where it's at to my car. If I need a 6 foot wide lanes for a 16x24 foot oval, or road course track like I designed, I can do it. (Lap record is 21.23 seconds) I just posted this not to cause arguing, but simply to offer an example of another way a track can be made. I personally don't like paying for things if I can do it myself, and for cheaper.