View Full Version : A More Technical RCP Option

2004.05.14, 03:02 PM
If your looking to make your RCP wide lane tracks more technical, here is two ideas that may work for you.

1) Use existing straight side rails and make a 45 degree cut on one end. On the other end cut off the link tab. Use a male PIN to push through the side rail hole to make an indentation on the tile below. Use a razor knife to cut a hole in the tile to receive the female PIN. Its best to make this hole a little smaller than the PIN. It doesn't have to be a perfect hole, since the PINS have a lip that will cover the excess and the smaller hole will make a tight fit. Stagger the rails to make narrow and more technical sections in your track.

2) Use some red end rails and cut PIN holes in the tiles as mentioned above.

2004.05.14, 10:44 PM
Great idea,keep them comming!!

Ken Mifune
2004.05.14, 11:18 PM
To punch extra holes in the tiles I use a female pin with the edge slightly sharpened. Just push and twist.
and the plug can be used to refill the hole later.