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2004.05.18, 02:00 AM
Here are some pictures from the Swedish Nationals.
The winners were;
Stock - Magnus Gustafsson

Open - Pekka Markkula (that's me :) )

Link to pictures on the Swedish Mini-Z forum (http://www.shellkonto.nu/bobis/miniz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6624)

2004.05.18, 04:23 PM
Very nice. I want one of those body/wing sets. Where can I get those?

Maybe you could write a bit about all of the hopups you have on that car and how you set it up. Does the tri-shock work well and what oil/spring combo do you use? What brand and shore or foams are those, etc.

2004.05.18, 04:34 PM
what a great event set-up...food, track, trophies....
i wish i could have been there...

2004.05.18, 04:37 PM
i see you cut out the back of the F50...was that due to allow for a rear shock dampener?

Viper racer
2004.05.18, 05:33 PM
wow.........that looks awesome
That kid must be pretty good. Would he get the champagne (prolly misspelled) if he won? :D

2004.05.18, 06:08 PM
Great pictures. The Swedish forum has some interesting stuff for us non-swedish speaking z'ers. The Bilder/Filmer section has some awesome pictures of z's - some of them don't even look like z's ! The films are good too - theres an interesting site here that posted a couple of movies of mad fast z's - http://www.cargel.se/ . Lots of movies on there plus a couple of wicked looking tracks - kind of latency style but look a lot bigger.

Keep posting race reviews/piccies/movies. You guys seem to take your speed seriously and it looks well cool.


2004.05.18, 06:29 PM
So you won the 3PK? :cool:

2004.05.18, 09:36 PM
Sweet looking ride! I'm with Fraz, what's in that thing besides the zoom-zoom and bling-bling? I'm just wondering why you didn't link the photo?


2004.05.20, 01:13 AM
Another thing is the motor. That isn't even a 130 class motor. It looks more like my 280 without the brush hoods.

2004.05.20, 03:34 AM
It's an 130 motor from Atomic. If I'm not totally mistaken they also have made slotcar motors.

The fine thing with this motor is that you are able to change the brushes without taking the motor apart.

And the two motors they have is awesome. Their first is abit softer in it's characteristics and the other one is just brutal. Both are abit faster then the PN S03

I don't know if the filter will take this but here is EGR's site:


2004.05.20, 04:23 AM
We have rules in Sweden that restricts motor size (as other things).
>> read more >> (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10649&page=2&pp=15)
My hope is that we can get accepted international rules so we can have real World Champs one day.

The winning set up:
Body: Chaparral 2F (always liked Jim Halls highly innovative cars) & InZane Stabilizer Wing - from Miniracingbolaget (http://www.miniracingbolaget.com/produkter.php?&refer=/meny.php&under_grupp=Kaross&synlig_under_grupp=Kaross&produkt_grupp=Karosser&synlig_produkt_grupp=Karosser).
Chassis: MR-02 with RM H-bar (Long Wheel Base)
Knuckles: 2 deg GPM aluminium
Tie rod: Kyosho nr 2
Front springs: GPM 0,4mm
Rear shocks: InZane Tri-shock (modified GPM overland) with vaseline
On high traction conditions I use Corallys damper syrup instead of vaseline on the shock shafts and stiffer springs (this time I used soft on the two side shocks and super soft on the front shock)
Motor mount: GPM MR2013G, lowest inserts
Diff: GPM with soft silicone o-ring & glued washers, minimal slip
Wheels: GPM delrin - modified rears (14mm)
Tires: InZane Super Fronts & InZane Race Rears - foams from Miniracingbolaget (everybody here uses them)
Motor: Atomic AR18
Gearing: 9/44
Batteries: Matched & pushed Kan 650 AAA (super-low internal res)
Fets: 3X2 IRF7389
Weight: 190 g
Other: Carbon bumper and antenna
Radio: Futaba 3PK (yes! I won another one - so I've got 2 now :D )

What Swedish 1:27 racing looks like (video) >> (http://www.cargel.se/Images/Movies/RaceatCargelRacing2.wmv)


2004.05.20, 11:10 PM
cool video...

hope you can take my comments constructively....

more race footage please... almost half the video was talking... racers like to watch... more race & less talk... voice sounded cool though...

focus camera more on the cars... and not the road... in one instance the camera was focused on a corner as the cars zoomed by.... i want to see action, overtaking manuvers, etc... last couple of seconds is what i'm looking for...

avoid track level shots... have the camera high above track to see what the other cars are doing, the elevation will give everybody a better view... (again last couple of seconds from 2:06 onwards... cool shots)

thanks for sharing the video...

oh yeah one more thing, what surface do you guys run on?

2004.05.21, 03:25 AM
That's a rubber carpet. Small pieces of rubber glued together. Looks very realistic and gives as good grip as carpet (type Ozite) with the benefit that the rubber carpet have less recistance compared to ozite type carpets. Mix particle board with it's low roling recistance and carpet with it's grip and you hace rubber.

And I know that Nigtowl who has made the video has other plans, more cameras and more footage to selct from when editing.