View Full Version : Pics of Wide L and Mini Tile 96

2004.05.25, 05:31 PM
Okay I am getting bit confused here...

Whats the difference between the two sets?

Does anyone have pics illustrating the difference between the two?

2004.05.25, 05:44 PM
while i don't have side by side pictures of the tiles, i do have pictures of both in my rcp track album

2004.05.25, 05:50 PM
Here is a side by side size comparison, posted and drawn up by Ken Mifune.


2004.05.25, 05:57 PM
Perfect! Thats exactly what I needed. Pretty easy to devide now which one that is for sure.

Thanks RCPMini-Z!

Oh one more thing....Do you know what the length X width dimension is of the 96 track?

2004.05.25, 06:00 PM
Hey Arch is your current track a combination of the L and the mini or do you have two minis?

2004.05.25, 07:58 PM
i have the large 50cm tile track and 2 small 30cm tile tracks. i had more tiles than room for the 30cm track :rolleyes:

2004.06.29, 02:53 AM
One more question guys....

whats the lane widths of the two tracks? We are getting 5~6 running on our biweekly event at work now and wanted to check for lane size.

2004.06.29, 03:06 AM
If you look at the center of the track in the photo, you'll see some mini-tiles (30cm) within a regular off-road expansion set of tiles (50cm). The 50cm has about 2' 9" of lane width and the 30cm has about 1' 6.5" of lane width. By the way, I now have to convince Bennie that I don't plan to run any Z's--I already let him play with the Overland "crawler" earlier tonight.


2004.07.01, 02:18 AM
Thanks TNB!

You may want to get Bennie a "play" iWaiver for him...although he may be able to tell the difference! :D

2004.07.01, 02:44 AM
I thought about that a couple of weeks ago, but I'm trying to hold out for the McLaren F1 MM LM. That 1:5 scale FG F1 would look nice though too, but Bennie is already mad about his 1:4 scale since I covered it up.